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Why do Republicans HATE George Soros?

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George Soros has always worked in the career of finance and currency. Working in banks, working in arbitrage [taking advantage of price differences in two places to make profit], and finally becoming a hedge fund manager in 1969 with the creation of "Soros Fund Management". That organization is still around to this day actually! Soros Fund Management is the primary adviser for the Quantum Group of Funds; a family of funds dealing in international investments. What kinds of international investments? Black Wednesday, when George Soros shorted the UK Pound and made a billion dollars. The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, where he and some other hedge funds led to the collapse of the economy of Thailand. And in 1988 - Soros learned that insider trading was going on in France but did not alert the authorities; his defense being that he thought it was common knowledge!

As of 2018 the net worth of George Soros in $25,200,000,000 or Twenty-Five Point Two BILLION dollars. As he's grown older he's putting more of his money into his "Open Society Foundation" which donates MILLIONS to local elections to advocate for far left policies like weakening law enforcement [likely to push a policy of a national police state][Because Soros is on record saying he wants a federal police force]. People on the left call this interference "Philanthropy" - people on the Right, call it a billionaire shaping politics for his own twisted desires. What do you think? Comment down below!

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  1. Bucky's Avatar
    It is mainly from his ties to the Nazis and his anti-Semitic comments.
  2. <alt>doxygen's Avatar
    Soros is just one of the super rich on the left using his money to advance his personal beliefs, so I'm not sure why the right fixates on him.

    There are many billionaires on the right that have more money and outright buy politicians as well as entire departments at major universities. The Koch's are probably the best known, and Mercer is probably the closest, personally, to Trump. Last time I checked Charles and David Koch were worth over 100 billion, so Soros is a relative small fry.

    I think the whole 501(x) scam needs to be done away with and all funding of things that are political in nature should have the names of the funders stamped all over it. However, Citizens United blew the door off this barn and all of the animals have been taken.
  3. Hawkeye10's Avatar
    Answer: He uses the wealth that he got mostly by skimming/speculating to push his divisive agenda to transform societies to his will....which looks too much like being a bully.


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