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Anarchism and America's youth.

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As Noam Chomsky said in his 1995 interview with the Red and Black Revolution, I was attracted to anarchism as a young teenager, as soon as I began to think about the world beyond a pretty narrow range, and haven't seen much reason to revise those early attitudes since. And that, in it's outright simplicity, is what I believe many of America's youth are prone to. There are, and have been, countless alternative voices (as the Mormons call them), preaching a different kind of world view than the one currently expressed in the US. A kind of world view that puts man's natural desire for advancement to use in a humane way, giving the prosperity of many precedence over the success of the few. Whither it be Michael Harrington(though not an Anarchist, he represents social progress in the right direction, and is noted for his novel, [U]The Other America[/U]), John Henry Mackay, Peter Kropotkin and even Chomsky himself, to an informed person, proponents of this way of this thinking are not difficult to find. I find that Americans grow live in a world where wealth and power are held in the hands of the few, while those who create it struggle to get by. From the fields to the factories, it is the workers who create the wealth, not those who employ them. Yet, capitalism provides a perverse distribution of power where these producers are at the command of bourgeois and the fruits of their labours also belong to these men. And I believe the modern American has grown weary of this power struggle, and once informed, will want to dismantle it. Americans are stubborn, obstinate and strong willed, so, it's no surprise that an ideology such as Anarchism would strike a familiar chord with them. Looking around us however, you'll find that Americans present themselves as mere McCarthyites, rejecting ideals that hold merit, simply due to misconceptions. It is, above all else, this culture of ignorance that prevents Anarchism from becoming widely accepted in the United States. However, thanks to information's sheer accessibility in our times, we can free of this obsequious acceptance of capitalism, and truly begin transitioning to a free society where prosperity is not held merely in the hands of the few.

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  1. Klown's Avatar
    As far as what Anarchism really means, it has been distorted and demonised for many centuries - in the west and the east

    Anarchy has been associated with total chaos and criminal greed etc

    Anarchy is a very well defined Greek word. IT simply means a system without RULERS - it is not a system without rules.

    On this basis, Anarchism may well be the ultimate form or democracy and freedom
  2. LiberalAvenger's Avatar
    America today reminds me os "the goose who laid the golden egg". The oligarchy that runs the world today is insatable when it comes to corporate profits. They just keep wanting more and more from the goose [american workers]. They just keep squeezing and squeezing until they have killed the goose.

    They then become like a bacterial parasite who has consomed the hostt, who then die of starvation.

    Henry Ford was asked why he paid his workers such a large salary[$5.00 per day] and he replied, "So they will buy my cars.