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Don't know much about Idaho... from a Floridian's Perspective

Yesterday, I visited my 83 year old dad while he watched NPR News. I saw an interview with Idaho's Junior Senator Jim Risch (R). Senator Risch lauded Trump's firing of Comey and Trump divulging Classified Information to Russia's Foreign Minister. If you had seen my face, you might have thought I stepped in poop. I realized how little I knew about Idaho.
I have never visited Idaho. I came as close as Bend, Oregon for 8 days after Thanksgiving during 2004. I mainly know about Idaho from potatoes, the publicity garnished by former Idaho Senator Larry Craig after his wide-stance arrest in a public bathroom... and the famous Oregon standoff with the Idaho-based Bundy clan.
Now I know Idaho has 4 Electoral Votes and roughly 1.655mil population. Florida has 29 Electoral Votes and roughly 20.27mil population. Idaho borders six states, plus British Columbia. Idaho's Senior Senator, Mike Crapo (R), handled his 2013 DC-based DUI with aplomb. Idaho has two U.S. Rep(s). Raul Labrador caught hell at his last Town Hall.
Trump took Idaho by over 219,000 votes, 42 out of 44 counties.... and Florida by about 130,000 votes, 58 out of 67 counties.
Basically, I now have a far better grasp of why my views would make me very unpopular in Idaho.

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