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I miss Ruddy. :(

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For most of you, it's about Australian politics, so don't read it, you'll only get bored.

But I miss Kevin Rudd as our PM, he ****ed up big time with his 'Super Profits Tax', and that was what got him deposed by that Welsh chick, but before that, he was a pretty good PM, he kept us out of recession when most of the western world was getting buggered, and he had plans to liberalise gun laws, he got us out of Iraq, and kept us in Afghanistan, but what's made me miss him now is how well he's doing as the Foreign Minister (kinda ironic when you think about it), and more importantly, his support for the NFZ over Libya, even disagreeing with Gillard, it's one of the things that got him ousted in the first place, but he makes impulsive decisions, but they seem to be ones that I agree with. He made some decisions I didn't like, but, in hindsight, and comparison to Gillard, he seems to be the better of the two.
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  1. cpgrad08's Avatar
    Here you go One Non-Man love huge to cheer you up.
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  2. Serenity's Avatar

    i was o/seas when all that was going down. not a great lover of Gillard, especially the way the whole Rudd fiasco played out.

    i don't think he deserved to go out like that. he did some good things that Aussies should be proud of that no one else had the balls to do. have to give kudos to Rudd for withdrawing the troops from Iraq and thank him for his real, meaningful and heartfelt apology to the stolen generations. it had been such a long time coming.

    that's a pretty decent legacy to leave behind.


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