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Current affairs programs.

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Here we get these brilliant current affairs programs, which seem to revolve around some variation of the "hard working, lower/middle class family getting ripped off/hard done by etc." by any other thing. And in an ad for one of them I saw an absolute brilliant piece of programming, it went something like this "Supermarkets have found a new way to rip off hard working customers, through a policy of no refund without a receipt, and it's the crooks that are profiting", when the deep voiced voice-over man said that last part, they showed a picture of a guy in a balaclava taking a discarded receipt out of an empty shopping trolley, as though people regularly visit the shopping centre in disguise to take paper out of discarded trolley's, but that's not the stupid bit, I'll give you a bit to figure it out, 5 ellipses should do.....Have you figured it out yet? No, well I better explain it, if the crooks are profiting off of stealing people receipts, and doing god knows what with them, as you generally need an item to return too. But imagine if they got rid of having to provide proof that you bought an item, I'm sure the crooks would completely overlook that opportunity.

That's my rant for today.
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