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Simon W. Moon

The Weirdest People in the World

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The Weirdest People in the World
How representative are experimental findings from American university students? What do we really know about human psychology?

Short Abstract
Broad claims about human psychology and behavior based on narrow samples from Western societies are regularly published. Are such species‐generalizing claims justified? This review suggests not only substantial variability in experimental results across populations in basic domains, but that standard subjects are unusual compared with the rest of the species—outliers. The domains reviewed include visual perception, fairness, spatial reasoning, moral reasoning, thinking‐styles, and self‐concepts. This suggests (1) caution in addressing questions of human nature from this slice of humanity, and (2) that understanding human psychology will require broader subject pools. We close by proposing ways to address these challenges
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  1. Ray410's Avatar
    That sounds like an excellent argument for profiling in law enforcement. You deserve a pat on the head and maybe even a special treat.
  2. shrubnose's Avatar
    I went to the link and read the first few pages.

    My conclusion: Way too WEIRD for me.

    Have a nice day.
  3. APACHERAT's Avatar
    The conclusion is, the weirdest people in the world are those who go in to debt taking out student loans and majoring in phycology in college and once they earn that worthless degree they find themselves in debt and unable to get a real job in the real world to pay off their student loans.

    They usually find themselves back in college teaching the same crap to other weird people.
  4. shrubnose's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by APACHERAT
    They usually find themselves back in college teaching the same crap to other weird people.

    IOW - "Those who can't do, teach." I believe that we discussed that a while back at the old place.
  5. joG's Avatar
    Sounds sensible enough.


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