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What's going on at POLITICO

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I couldn't resist going to POLITICO to see what's up with the new comment system.
First I found that I was able to post without registering, maybe because I have posted on a number of other forums.
It's hard to break old habits, so I guess that I might go back there from time to time but I don't like the setup. Even with the spammers,etc. it was better before than it is now. I find it too hard to work with now.
Saw that a lot of the old-timers were still there, didn't interact with them. I suppose that a lot of people will just stay there for whatever reason.
Looks like the User-submitted Topics part of the old forum is totally gone, couldn't find a trace of it.
The answers to POLITICO posted articles part of the old Forum is gone except for some posts to old articles. I guess that those will disappear eventually.
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  1. Adagio's Avatar
    I haven't been back. It seems that they've restricted it to posts by their own select editors. We can read their grand thoughts on the world and all nod in agreement.
  2. Unitedwestand13's Avatar
    I tried to go back but It seems my account has been forgotten
  3. Neosteve's Avatar
    I just went back to clean out my desk and they already had it all boxed up and put on the curb. So long Politico, it was a good run.
  4. APACHERAT's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Adagio;bt2222]I haven't been back. It seems that they've restricted it to posts by their own select editors. We can read their grand thoughts on the world and all nod in agreement.[/QUOTE]

    Are you saying that the Politico has created another where everyone is in lockstep ?

    I wonder if the Politico's Roger Simon was behind ending any debating on the Politico ? Of all of the Politico's contributors, I saw Simon publish more crap than anyone else. I think Simon got tired always being challenged on the forum. I'm pretty sure that Simon has a secured phone line to the White House. ;- )
  5. polgara's Avatar
    I went back to see what had changed. This site is much more friendly, and offers more options, and thank God, they DON'T have captcha that has be typed in on every post! I wonder how many left Politico because of that?
  6. Adagio's Avatar
    This is one of the best organized political sites I've seen. I looked at another one that I told Apach about, but I find myself posting here most often. The Mods at the other one seem pretty stiff and the posters are as well. This is so superior to Politico it's hard to believe I spent so much time over there. Whenever they deleted your posts you'd get an email with some absurd excuse for why they did it, and you couldn't do anything about it. I found Politico pretty elitist. They're a news organization and the forum was a lame attempt at attracting attention.
  7. shrubnose's Avatar
    View Profile: Adagio - Debate Politics Forums

    I agree. This place is way better than Politico.
    I never paid much attention to Politico's news.
    Updated 02-03-13 at 05:28 PM by shrubnose
  8. shrubnose's Avatar
    I went over to POLITICO today and checked out some of the forums, made some posts, and invited people to come over here and check Debate Politics out. Didn't run into Missouri Mule or The Ed.


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