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  1. My take on Trump so far...

    First a few prerequisites:

    1. I did not vote for Trump
    2. I am not a Trump apologist
    3. This is my opinion

    When Trump was first elected. I did not cry or celebrate. Apathy would be the best word to describe my thoughts. I cannot stand Hillary and Trump was more in the “meh” category for me. I kinda liked what he said on the election trail sometime unless it was referring to my personal privacy, US terrorism or global wars. When he ...
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  2. Weight Loss

    Virtually all of my online friends do not know that I have lost 40lbs since Jan 20th.
    I am down to 235 from 275. Had to resize my ring as I dern near lost it in the sink washing hands.

    Whats my sekrud?

    Very simple idea, hard to do:
    High Fructose Corn Syrup = bad
    I removed it completely from my diet.

    No more Dr Pepper (I have a Lufkin TX cane syrup recipe Dr Pepper every now and again). Limited sugar - I sweeten things with Splenda. ...
  3. DP 3.0 adventure

    This whole process has been crazy, but fun. Hopefully the downtime has been eliminated and we will go back to our regularly scheduled debate and discussion.

    I plan on using this blog as a "work in progress" on our new forum software.

    Today, we enabled blogs and install sphinx searching. Our server is speedy again.

    Still a few aesthetics on the styles to work on...but we are making steady progress.

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