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Weight Loss

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Virtually all of my online friends do not know that I have lost 40lbs since Jan 20th.
I am down to 235 from 275. Had to resize my ring as I dern near lost it in the sink washing hands.

Whats my sekrud?

Very simple idea, hard to do:
High Fructose Corn Syrup = bad
I removed it completely from my diet.

No more Dr Pepper (I have a Lufkin TX cane syrup recipe Dr Pepper every now and again). Limited sugar - I sweeten things with Splenda. Lowered my beef intake to once a week. MMMMM....steak. I cook everything or bring it with me. 30 min treadmill and stretches twice a week.

My wife isn't trying to lose weight but with no HFCS, it is melting off her too.


  1. Black Dog's Avatar
    Good job. I mite try that myself.
  2. aps's Avatar
    I am so proud of you, vauge! Where's our before and after photos? I am sure you look fantastic.


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