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DP 3.0 adventure

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This whole process has been crazy, but fun. Hopefully the downtime has been eliminated and we will go back to our regularly scheduled debate and discussion.

I plan on using this blog as a "work in progress" on our new forum software.

Today, we enabled blogs and install sphinx searching. Our server is speedy again.

Still a few aesthetics on the styles to work on...but we are making steady progress.

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  1. missypea's Avatar
    Hey Vauge--the look has improved so much that I'm able to use 3.0 now. The glaring white is nothing but a memory........Thanks!
  2. Schweddy's Avatar
    Woot! Good to hear. I'm not in love yet, but it is getting there.
  3. Redress's Avatar
    Nice to see the bog feature up and starting to run. I think it will add something nice to this forum. You really have done a ton this last week or so, make sure you get yourself some downtime and just have fun.
  4. jujuman13's Avatar
    First time I have ever posted a blog.
    Wonder if I have done it correctly or whether I shall get yet another missive from a mod. All of which i on receipt consign to the trash bin.
  5. jujuman13's Avatar
    Well i guess anyone can post anything here, so here goes.
    With the situation in Gaza and the various ships seeking to ship merchandise/ aid in via various craft, all of which have been stopped by Israel and then taken to the Israeli port of Ashdod, have their cargo's inspected under the watchful eye of a UN appointed Inspector, after which the Cargo/aid has been loaded on to Trucks and driven to Gaza, where HAMAS has refused to accept them.
    Ok the above is how I view the events that have occurred over last few days.
    I have a proposal that may be satisfactory to both sides.
    The Vessels/ships carrying cargo/Aid etc still go to Ashdod, still have their contents inspected by those that do such at that Port, after Israel is satisfied that the cargo/Aid does not contain any materials that would be injurious to Israel, the ships are permitted to sail to Port of Gaza with the same crews that sailed the vessels to Ashdod.
    Hamas, get what they say they wanted Aid plus delivery by original crew of vessel.
    Israel gets what they wanted namely inspection of cargo.
    Aid agencies get what they wanted, namely to feel good about doing something for those poor down trodden supposedly starving Palestinians in Gaza.
    Now I would suppose that the Jew detesting Hamas would likely refuse to accept the aid that had been inspected in Ashdod, but were they to do this and if the entire Journey of the aid were filmed including Hamas refusal to accept same, then Israel could clearly show the entire world that Hamas' interest was not for the welfare of the inhabitants of Gaza but was only interested in receiving armaments from outside forces desiring destruction of Israel.
    If in the unlikely instance that Hamas did accept the aid then honor would be satisfied for both party's.
  6. AlanF's Avatar
    Season's Greetings/Happy New Year!


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