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Finally got it all together

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Tomorrow I head to my therapist to get my name change/gender change letter, it's something I need to start the legal process. I've never gone to see her in full Renae mode. To the nine's as it were. Why? I never had the complete outfit I felt right in. Now I do. From the jewelry to the bra (which btw has been an adventure finding the "right one") to the make up to match the whole look. Don't get me started on the "find the shoes that look good and fit" fun we had.

So tomorrow, barring some disaster in application, I'll give ya'll a peek of Renae in the real world. I'm VERY excited, my confidence is highest it's ever been. I'm ready for this. It's a big deal, and I finally feel I'm ready for it.
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  1. Renae's Avatar
    Well, there are pics, but I HATE THEM, with much passion. We were out at the therapists, then off to eat pizza at Urban Brick. From there we went Grocery shopping. All in all, a very productive, and unexpectedly long day. I was pleased at the lack of concern anyone had, it was a lovely day out.
  2. MaggieD's Avatar
    God bless you, Renae.
  3. Mr. Invisible's Avatar
    Glad to hear that you are fully able to be yourself. Keep rockin' on pal.
  4. Renae's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Invisible
    Glad to hear that you are fully able to be yourself. Keep rockin' on pal.
    It's been quite the adventure.


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