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I just had a great practice!

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I am a complete beginner with the guitar and the banjo. I have only been playing the banjo about a little over a month. The guitar I played for 6 months before (3 years ago). The difference is that I am taking lessons now. Anyway, I have been learning rolls, right hand technique, and chords, left hand work.

I picked up the banjo to practice just now and after warming up and doing a left hand practice, I played the song "Take me home, Country Roads" by John Denver. I did really well! I nailed the forward roll I was using, 5-3-2-1. The real difference came from my chord shifts with my left hand. I really nailed some smooth shifts without any pause (or not much of one) in my rolls. It actually sounded like music. It was quite pretty. I am very encouraged that I am learning something here! :mrgreen:
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  1. jujuman13's Avatar
    Anything that produces a Rhythmic sound can be classified as Music.
    Whether the 'Music' you produce is commercially salable is of course a totally different matter.
  2. reefedjib's Avatar
    Oh yeah, that's a long way off making money! I just do it for my own enjoyment. A point of interest though, I just bought the CD by Steve Martin playing banjo. It sounds really good - he is quite an accomplished banjo player!

    Here he is playing The Crow: [url=]YouTube - Steve Martin, Bela Fleck, Tony Trischka Banjo HDTV The Crow[/url]
  3. country's Avatar
    Congratulations! I got a dobro for fathers day last year and have given up on it. No one in my neck of the woods give dobro lessons. I wound up cording it like a guitar.