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  1. Why oh y?

  2. The silver lining...

    I'm talking to myself with this post...

    What if I hadn't found out about Tom and Marta? Or what if I had ignored it? If I had changed nothing, Tom would have inherited just over $500,000.

    I'mfairly certain now that all of this nonsense over the last three months was very carefully planned. Once I found out, that is. When I first confronted him in March, his first words were, "It wasn't supposed to happen like this." No, I suppose it wasn't. Because I wasn't supposed ...

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  3. As the worm turns...

    So I couldn't help myself. I called Tom last night and asked him if he wanted to talk. Yes, he said. I said I'd come pick him up and he said he was at his brother's house. Since his brother was sitting right next to me, I put him on the phone to say hello. WTFs wrong with him?

    So I said, "Please Tom just tell me if it's over for real."

    "I never wanted it to be over. You're the one who threw ME out." So yes, he said, come get me. Give me about an hour ...

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  4. It's been four long years since I warned liberals about right wing violence

    Conservatives hated this post

    But as everyone here can see, right wing violence has EXPLODED over the last four years, especially since Trump stole the election, and Conservatives have never condemned any of it. All they say is that it didn't happen, it's overblown, fake news, b-b-b-but Antifa

    (Note: you never see Antifa going around shooting ...

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  5. He's gone...

    I caught him with her out in front of my house. He thought I was out to dinner for girls' night out. I was, but I became suspicious when he wasn't answering his phone. I left dinner, drove home. Found the house locked up and empty with his car in the drive. Waited down the block... and there they came. I used an ice chipper to break every window in his car. My girlfriends helped me pack his belongings and put them in his car.

    I called the police to get him off my property. Took a swing ...

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