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  1. Grand Old Party an on going history of crap part 2

  2. Grand Old Party an on going history of crap.

  3. United Earth World Government

    by , 10-25-16 at 12:44 AM (These are my awesome entries)
    In order to effectively prevent the onset of World War III, the United Nations must be replaced by a far more powerful and centralized institution namely a world government. This new supernational government must promote cultural, political, and economical union among its member states as well as serve as an effective "higher order" to resolve disputes among its member nation-states.

    This is a very rough draft of the formation of the UE world government; further details ...
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  4. Never Talk to Police

    In the case known as Norfolk 4, the first person to confess falsely to rape and murder of Michelle Bosco was Danial Williams, 25. His only connection with the crime was that he lived close, and his misfortune that he was fingered by a woman next door. The fact that he wasnít the sharpest knife in the drawer didnít help either.

    Like a typical, low-information, trusting, naive and polite dupe, he let the cops push him around for over ten hours and, eventually, into a confession. ...

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  5. Some Good Shoot'in that day