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  1. Does trump hate his job? Or just not good at it?

    Dear Mr. Horrible President
    Surely you love power you love lying cheating and stealing.

    But do you really love serving the American people and not just your brain washed out of touch with reality based.

    Surely you have failed before just quit leave DC. Go back to New York start a fake news network. Start you on reality network. And love the majority of the Americans whom did not vote for you alone.
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  2. Note to the nra just stop it already and reform.

    So here's a real question if the Obama administration was so far left and was out to get your guns. Lol.
    Now your party controls the house the Senate and the oval office. Are your guns still at risk of being taken? SMH uninformed GOP voters.
    Notice with all these tragic shootings in this nation the common threat is GUNS.
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  3. An election stolen yet again.

    The democratic Party is going have to get nasty next time around.

    2nd time they done this although it was not the Russians it was jeb bush sneaky as.
    And the Dems just sit there and take it to nice.

    Fact is it took trump and his many lies. Russia and it's leaks. And comey and what ever it was he was doing to barely beat miss Clinton.
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  4. Really?

    So today is my birthday. I go out to the mailbox and, among other cards, I get a card from Tom. A mushy birthday card signed, "Love Tom Always." Just the way he's signed my cards for 18 years. I burst into tears.

    Those of you who have followed my blog...what's your take?
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  5. Trump administration creating fake news.

    Trump administration creating fake news.
    I guess msnbc had to report it?
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    Trump Claims Historic Success, Despite 'Obstructionist' Democrats
    The joke is on this sad administration.
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