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  1. I wanna play like Steve Martin!

    I got a long way to go though. He's pretty good, huh?

    [url=]YouTube - Earl Scruggs & Steve Martin - Foggy Mountain Breakdown (Best[/url]
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  2. Obama’s security strategy falls short


    Quote(I might be prejudiced. To judge the content of the statement, you have to overlook the way it is expressed, which is not easy. It was run through a management-speak machine. It emerged, repetitious and full of misprints, with added verbiage and reduced intellectual content. Then it was put through a second time.)

    Now I wonder why this is such a surprise to anyone.
    Naturally ...
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  3. Nice

    The upgrade has its issues but overall it has improved DP.

    Nice work, Vague.
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  4. DP 3.0 adventure

    This whole process has been crazy, but fun. Hopefully the downtime has been eliminated and we will go back to our regularly scheduled debate and discussion.

    I plan on using this blog as a "work in progress" on our new forum software.

    Today, we enabled blogs and install sphinx searching. Our server is speedy again.

    Still a few aesthetics on the styles to work on...but we are making steady progress.

    Updated 05-30-10 at 05:19 PM by Schweddy