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  1. WART! thou Didst not Dig mine Ark?!

    WART! thou Didst not Dig mine Ark?!;87494e78.1801
    __________________________________________________ _________________

    Pagans and druids including 'real' KING ARTHUR descend on Stonehenge for winter solstice

    Thousands descend on Britain's ancient Stonehenge for winter solstice ...
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  2. Tip Jar Redux

    Continued from:

    Pharisees on Hollywood and Vine

    So the other day I run into this Old Yank Boomer I know, nice guy, always liked him,

    and he gets his panties in a twist about a movie I said I liked—

    I mean, he's having a calf over this, making a scene right there on the street in broad daylight!

    Updated 09-13-19 at 06:08 PM by Angel

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  3. PHPP update 12/18/18

  4. Top Ten Democratic Party Sex Scandals [USA]

    The Top Ten Democratic Party Sex Scandals of the United States! This video was created in 2018 and I've tried to include scandals that are both recent and obscure. This video should not be used to launch political attacks. A video entitled "Top Ten Republican Party Sex Scandals" will be coming out soon. Please do not get upset.

    The Democratic Party of the United States has experienced numerous groundshaking sex scandals that they'd prefer to sweep under the rug. And the ...
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  5. Trump dominates & exposes Pelosi & Schumer

    The following will make an excellent political ad.

    That televised meeting was awesome... as Trump cornered Chuck & Nancy.

    Trump revealed Democrats do not want The Wall built at any cost.

    Trump revealed he will force the Leftists hands... with a shutdown... and Democrats will lose this one too... miserably.

    For the wigged-out Leftists... ROTFLOL... let’s remind you... THIS is the issue which catapulted him to the ...
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