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  1. The Story Behind the Iran Cables

    Iran is to Islam as the U.S. is to Christendom. Supreme Leader... Supreme Court.
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  2. And Then Some (More)

    Praying Mantis

    I saw one once
    when I was a child
    on top of a retaining wall
    outside our country house
    one summer day

    It would have been easy to catch, I thought
    but I didn't try to catch it

    I just looked at it
    a long while
    a little frightened of it
    and then called my father over

    He told me what it was
    the wondrous name

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  5. And Then Some

    The Flies
    After William Blake

    I love you little guys,
    My lowly little houseflies—
    the life in you,
    the life in me
    Touches on the one great mystery

    How clever the idea and wise
    To couch a mystery in such a guise—
    the life in you
    the life in me
    Converges on eternity

    Take wing, my scrappy kitchen flies,
    Take wing!

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