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  1. Days end.

    Saturday....first day of the work week here; Sometimes I can equate Saturday here to a really long weekend frat party.....people barely move on the day after the "weekend", if you want to call half of Thursday and Friday a weekend.
    Went to get the interpreters at the front gate this morning at 07:30.....they finally stumbled in at 08:15. Excuse? "My phone alarm went off late" M'kay....don't let it happen again ( same excuse every Saturday ). I am strongly ...
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  2. Time warp

    I usually write ( as I posted in a thread ) when I am away from my family, which is quite often.
    I used to frequent another forum, but I kind of drifted from real reason...just wanted to wander around the net.
    Anyway...I have been over he again for a few months away fro my family, and while I usually write on a word doc, print and file, I have decided to try this route.
    More to follow....just wanted to get a start on it.
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  3. Saw Tom at his sister''s house today...

    So, Claudia, Tom's sister, had a BBQ today and invited me. I was happy to go and had told her that I had absolutely no problem with him being there. She loves her brother. Period. she didn't think he'd come. I thought he would because his daughter and her family were going to be there. I thought he'd come. He did.

    i greeted him cordially, and later whispered in his ear that I thought it took guts. And it was the right thing to do. He was visibly moved. It was a kind of closure.
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  4. If I could wave a magic wand...

    ...I would give all people the gift of realizing when it's raining outside. And to ask for what you need.

    A long time ago, a friend who was an Admittance Coordinator at a nursing home told me this story she always used when talking to the adult children of a parent when they found out how much the nursing home was going to cost a month...

    "Look, your parents saved all of their lives for a rainy day. Let's face it. It's pouring outside right now."

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  5. Saving the World... one dead body at a time

    China: Catholic Missionaries in fear for their lives
    Hawaii: Catholic Missionaries in fear for their lives
    The Philippines: Catholic Missionaries in fear for their lives
    Korea: Catholic Missionaries in fear for their lives
    Vietnam: Catholic South Vietnamese Government AND Catholic Missionaries in fear for their lives
    North Korea: Catholic/Mormon Missionaries in fear for their lives
    Dominican Republic ...
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