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  1. Latest Scan

    So I had my every three month scan Monday. Got the results yesterday. The way it works is that, if the lung nodule shows an increase in size, the immunosuppressant treatment stops. That leaves either nothing or back to extra-strength chemotherapy until THAT stops working.

    As an aside, they sure are getting close with these immunosuppressant drugs. They’ve been working for me for four months. The chemo had STOPPED working, so this new therapy is sure moving in the right direction. ...
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  2. White Genocide in motion.

  3. The Architects of Western Decline A Study on the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism

  4. The Fundamental Criteria for Social Marxism

  5. Who stole 9 000 000 000$ from Federal Reserve? Congressman Alan Grayson vs ZOG.

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