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  1. PEROTISTA’S 2020 Monthly SENATE, HOUSE and Presidency FORECAST 1 June 2020

    PEROTISTA’S 2020 Monthly SENATE, HOUSE and Presidency FORECAST 1 June 2020

    There are 53 Republicans and 47 Democrats in the Current Senate. There are 12 Democratic seats up for re-election vs. 23 for the Republicans.

    Safe Democratic seats 11: Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Virginia.

    Democratic at-risk seats of switching 1: Alabama

    Safe Republican seats ...
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  2. Lauren Chen - What makes a male, Masculine?

    On February 27th 2019 -

    Lauren released an article on her facebook page entitled "Is your Boyfriend effeminate?" She also released a video by the same title, but I'll just be reading the article here.

    Roaming Millennial outlines 4 different types of Effeminacy.

    FIRST - The Sensual.
    Obesity, Alcoholism, Porn Addiction, Gaming Addiction.

    Roaming Millennial says that these things indicate a man is effeminate -
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  3. The End

    It's not about competing political ideologies, it's not about the fallout of shutting down, it's not even about a couple million dying from a pandemic, it's all about the money.

    The great social lubricator of the enormous machine of modern civilization is losing fluidity because it's not flowing downward as fast as is necessary. It's gummed up at the top and the gov can't give away our share to the investor class fast enough. Without movement, it loses viscosity and causes the financial ...
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  4. Do people really need another Stimulus Check?

    Okay, hear me out. Of course, people want stimulus checks. It is essentially free money. But do people really need them?

    About 39.7 million Americans (12.3%) of Americans are below the poverty level. The majority of these people were struggling before COVID-19, struggling now, and will likely struggle after COVID-19.

    The "benefit" for being below the poverty level is that you are likely eligible for a lot of government programs - Food Stamps, Rental assistance, ...

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  5. Happy with my new girlfriend

    I have been with my girlfriend for almost a year! We are close to our 1-year anniversary.

    It has been going great. We have been really connecting and there seems to be real chemistry. The pivotal point of the relationship is when she told me one of her darkest secrets, that she had sex with her brother as a teen. That really rattled me, but it was in her past. It was really brave of her to even tell me that. I was shocked and thankful at the same time.

    Relationships ...
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