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  1. Top 5 Problems With The Environment!

    Okay, its time to discuss some issues about the environment – not global warming, not space travel – Planet Earth. The day is January 9th 2018 and I say, lets discuss the Top 5 environmental issues no one is talking about.

    5) Dead Zones
    A dead zone is a low oxygen area in oceans and lakes, usually caused by
    “excessive nutrient pollution from human activities”
    alongside other things that deplete oxygen required for marine life.

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  2. The Patriots are the Silicon Valley of the NFL

    News broke that the Patriots OC Josh McDaniels turned down the Colts head coaching job to stay with the Patriots. At first, I was shocked about McDaniels decision but after much thought, I realized he made a smart decision.

    Why would a coach turned down millions of dollars and a promotion? Simple: The Patriots are the Silicon Valley of the NFL. The Patriots are the enlightened side of the NFL.The inner workings of the Patriots are light years ahead of teams like the Colts.
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  3. Messaging, And The Forces Against Trump

    This post was inspired by a comment from Nate Silver from a Slack Chat: Despite the poor name and starting topic, it turned into one of the better slack chats, and delved into some interesting areas and is highly recommended reading. But I want to focus on one comment Nate Silver made in the chat, and expand on it alot.

    natesilver: I have another theory too. Do you want to hear
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  4. Congrats to the Eagles...

    In order to beat a team like the Patriots, you have to bring your "A" game.

    They did that. Tom Brady had one of the greatest Super Bowl performances a QB could ever have.

    Not only did the Eagles play a near-mistake free game, they had an aggressive game plan. Unlike the Seahawks and Falcons, the Eagles are coached by an offensive-minded coach in Doug Pederson, a former backup quarterback to Brett Favre.

    Pederson outcoached Bill Belichick. He ...
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  5. Tom Brady is a lot like Donald Trump

    "If you’re gonna compete against me, you’d better be willing to give up your life, because I’m giving up mine.”

    - Tom Brady

    "Anyone who thinks my story is anywhere near over is sadly mistaken."

    - Donald Trump

    To me, Tom Brady reminds me a lot of the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Both are widely successful winners in life that have been counted out many times.

    Many people hate Tom Brady because ...
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