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  1. PEROTISTA’S 2020 Monthly SENATE, HOUSE and Presidency FORECAST 1 December 2019

    PEROTISTA’S 2020 Monthly SENATE, HOUSE and Presidency FORECAST 1 December 2019

    Currently there are 53 Republicans and 47 Democrats in the Current Senate. There are 12 Democratic seats up for re-election vs. 23 for the Republicans.

    Safe Democratic seats 10: Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Virginia.

    Democratic at-risk seats of switching 2: Alabama, Michigan.

    Safe ...
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  2. The "Fall" of "Rome"

    Traditional history says the Roman Empire fell in 476 AD when Odoacer disposed of Romulus Augustulus and made himself ruler of Italy. As many would point out, this was not really the end of the Roman Empire, as the eastern half would survive for nearly a thousand more years. But clearly to many historians 476 AD represented a landmark moment in the history of Rome, the end of the Empire as it is commonly seen.

    The Eastern half would survive in its own way, but as evident by its far ...
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  3. Democrats reject Obama's warning of going too far left

    'I'm not tearing down the system,' Bernie Sanders says in response to the former president's message

    Democratic candidates reject Obama’s warning of going too far left | US news | The Guardian
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  4. The Story Behind the Iran Cables

    Iran is to Islam as the U.S. is to Christendom. Supreme Leader... Supreme Court.
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  5. And Then Some (More)

    Praying Mantis

    I saw one once
    when I was a child
    on top of a retaining wall
    outside our country house
    one summer day

    It would have been easy to catch, I thought
    but I didn't try to catch it

    I just looked at it
    a long while
    a little frightened of it
    and then called my father over

    He told me what it was
    the wondrous name

    Updated 11-22-19 at 12:27 PM by Angel

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