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  1. The Muliebrides

    "The Ladies of Rhodes ... Haue made their petition to Cupid,
    to plague you aboue all other, As one preiuditiall to their muliebritie."

    —Thomas Kyd, Soliman and Perseda, 1592


    The belle of the ball in Manassas
    Was sweeter than blackstrap molasses—
    A soft winsome drawl
    Bewitched one and all—
    Joe stallions, Joe colts and Jack asses.


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  2. How The Republican Party is Failing Young People

    LETS FACE FACTS! Republicans don't have the funding that democrats have. As I've covered previously, George Soros has been decisively dropping millions into local District Attorney elections in order to put forward individuals that will weaken local policing - why? Because Soros has previously advocated for a FEDERAL police force...

    Say for example, San Diego - he dropped a solid million to try and swing that district attorney election; because the

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  3. Friends Of Special Agent Peter Strzok

    Hi guys,

    Here is the gofundme for Special Agent Peter Strzok to help pay for his legal bills.

    The goal is $5,000,000. Please help out this dedicated father, husband, and hard-working agent during these tough times!
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  4. Why I support Jack Phillips and freedom

    I am of the belief the government should neither enforce or prohibit discrimination.

    If for example, Baker Jack doesn't want to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple, a black couple, a Hispanic couple, an Asian couple, an interracial couple, etc... He has that right, even if it is racist/homophobic (he isn't but I am just making the case he is in this example).

    A couple of thoughts:

    1. Freedom allows people to be racists or homophobic. As unpopular as ...
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  5. Newsflash: Trump is not a conventional President

    My question: Why do people still expect him to act like a conventional president? Nobody knows what is in Trump's head.
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