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  1. How Septic Tanks Help The Environment

    I'm all about helping the environment. I think the trees are important - so I make every effort to ensure that I make the smallest impact possible on the environment. Taking showers every other day, turning off electronics not in use, re-using plastic bags from the supermarket. Heck! I also try to limit my politics so there's less hot air in the room!

    However, there's one thing I haven't been able to do that I'd really like ...
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  2. Cat Zero


    "There is nothing to be found in this whole living world so deformed that Soul does not attend it,
    that a gift of the Soul is not in it."

    —Marsilio Ficino



    if all in all of all that lives and dies

    it is like something to be this or that—

    a thing that walks erect, or creeps

    Updated 10-15-18 at 06:11 PM by Angel

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  3. PEROTISTA’S 2018 SENATE and HOUSE FORECAST October 2018


    Currently there are 51 Republicans and 49 Democrats in the Current Senate. There are 26 Democratic seats up for re-election vs. 9 for the Republicans.

    Safe Democratic seats 17: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota (Klobuchar), New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin.

    Non-competitive Democratic ...
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  4. Summarizing the Kavanaugh/Ford Hearing

    What came out is:

    1. Ford lied about her flying story.

    2. She has zero corroborating witnesses.

    3. She does not know how she got there or how she got home.

    4. Her best friend denied the story. Does not know Kavanaugh.

    5. She did not tell anyone about her story until more than 3-decades later.

    She has no witnesses, and no corroboraters. Zero. None.
    She lied about her flying bugaboo.

    6. ...
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  5. Whine & Cheese Leftists: The tragedy of lowering the refugee acceptance rate

    Entering 2018, Trump slashed the refugee cap from 110,000 to just 45,000... the U.S... accepting just 20,825 refugees.

    Well, we have about 30 MILLION illegals. Something the author ignores.

    Had the Democrats secured the border as they promised in 1966 and 1985 or 86, we would not have a population the size of Canada invading.

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