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  1. Saw Tom at his sister''s house today...

    So, Claudia, Tom's sister, had a BBQ today and invited me. I was happy to go and had told her that I had absolutely no problem with him being there. She loves her brother. Period. she didn't think he'd come. I thought he would because his daughter and her family were going to be there. I thought he'd come. He did.

    i greeted him cordially, and later whispered in his ear that I thought it took guts. And it was the right thing to do. He was visibly moved. It was a kind of closure.
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  2. If I could wave a magic wand...

    ...I would give all people the gift of realizing when it's raining outside. And to ask for what you need.

    A long time ago, a friend who was an Admittance Coordinator at a nursing home told me this story she always used when talking to the adult children of a parent when they found out how much the nursing home was going to cost a month...

    "Look, your parents saved all of their lives for a rainy day. Let's face it. It's pouring outside right now."

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  3. Saving the World... one dead body at a time

    China: Catholic Missionaries in fear for their lives
    Hawaii: Catholic Missionaries in fear for their lives
    The Philippines: Catholic Missionaries in fear for their lives
    Korea: Catholic Missionaries in fear for their lives
    Vietnam: Catholic South Vietnamese Government AND Catholic Missionaries in fear for their lives
    North Korea: Catholic/Mormon Missionaries in fear for their lives
    Dominican Republic ...
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  4. Good and Evil

    The ultimate topic I suppose..

    There is no knowledge, empirical evidence... nothing, in fact... to suggest that Man.. ANY man... has the vaguest idea what constitutes "The Good" and what constitutes "Evil." They are both simply terms of present moment justification.

    You cannot punish murder with murder... well... you can if you're not "Christian" but the rest are hampered by their own narrative. And yet this obvious contradiction goes unchallenged ...
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  5. My Vent-Vault: My Reading...

    Heedfully (I am trying to use creative literature [I know completely nothing about literature]), I am going to begin to blog - to blog about my hitherto, reading. And pertinence to, my reading.

    Easy to begin where I initiate; about to do with my reading - my goal. My goal for the juice of life for me. I have a goal, a simple aim; yet though so hard. It is, to make a lot of money. A billion dollars and more. Where would I start? Seeing, obviously that I am not a rich being - I know ...

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