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  1. Update: Bredesen Polling Average Moves TN race to Lean Democratic

    A simple Yes or No with a short explanation.-tn-jpg
    NOTE: I use a variety of mathematical and statistical models using past data, demographics, voter statistics etc. using government data and official voter rolls to determine electorate patterns. No forecasts use bias. Polling firm ratings compliments and credits of FiveThirtyEight.

    Former TN Gov. Phil Bredesen has led in every public poll since 2018 polling began. I am moving this to Leans Democratic due to polling margins being within the threshold. ...
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  2. Senate prediction update: 4 states move left; tx moves right

    A simple Yes or No with a short explanation.-senaterating-jpg

    As an update to my last posting:

    I have moved the following,

    PENNSYLVANIA - Casey - Likely Dem to Safe Dem
    OHIO - Brown - Lean Dem to Likely Dem
    WISCONSIN - Baldwin - Lean Dem to Likely Dem
    WEST VIRGINIA - Manchin - Tossup to Leans Dem
    TEXAS - Cruz - Lean Rep to Likely Rep

    The main reason for shifts in these races are due to an abundance of new polling. PA's race shows incumbent ...
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  3. Why was it OK to let Merrick Garland's judicial consideration expire but push Kavanaugh through?

    Mitch McConnell is asking Democratic members of Congress to treat Brett Kavanaugh "FAIRLY." OK, so you are saying it is alright to PURPOSELY let a nomination expire without ANY consideration for Judge Merrick Garland, but they are supposed to treat Kavanaugh fairly... Please, let the hypocrisy run its course. It is truly sad that we cannot have another Justice Kennedy in the mix. He interpreted the law putting his personal opinions aside for the good of the American people. Unfortunately, ...
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  4. End of a era -- goodbye dad

    My dad passed away on Sunday at the age of eighty-five — a few months shy of eighty-six.

    He was a preemie, born in 1932, the sixth child of a large and growing French Canadian family. His mother died giving birth to number ten so his father had to remarry fast in order to find a caretaker for his young children. She bore another six kids to up the tally to sixteen, twelve of them female. My dad did not like to discuss his childhood but it was easily evident that it was not a good one. ...
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    Currently there are 51 Republicans and 49 Democrats in the Current Senate. There are 26 Democratic seats up for re-election vs. 9 for the Republicans.

    Safe Democratic seats 15: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota (Klobuchar), New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington.

    Non-competitive Democratic seats at this time ...
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