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  1. I do not have any white friends

    I have lived my entire life avoiding making friends with people that are white. As someone that is not white, I try to establish relationships with people that relate to me. I have no problem working with white people or doing business with them however I avoid having any personal relationship with them.

    Am I racist? Again, all my interactions with white people are cordial however I have made a choice to not befriend them. I just dont relate to them on a personal level.

    Updated 01-13-19 at 11:47 PM by Bucky

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  2. Next To Last Things

    On the Uptown 6

    Always one's sense of humanity—

    on a NYC local train

    until it passes beyond the midtown express stations

    the hub stations where many get off

    and every car jam-packed with people of every description

    and most of them strangers

    all heading in the same direction for ten or twenty minutes

    for ten or twenty

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  3. The Genius of Trump

    His ability to sell:

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  4. WART! thou Didst not Dig mine Ark?!

    WART! thou Didst not Dig mine Ark?!;87494e78.1801
    __________________________________________________ _________________

    Pagans and druids including 'real' KING ARTHUR descend on Stonehenge for winter solstice

    Thousands descend on Britain's ancient Stonehenge for winter solstice ...
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  5. Tip Jar Redux

    Continued from:

    Pharisees on Hollywood and Vine

    So the other day I run into this Old Yank Boomer I know, nice guy, always liked him,

    and he gets his panties in a twist about a movie I said I likedó

    I mean, he's having a calf over this, making a scene right there on the street in broad daylight!

    Updated 12-23-18 at 04:02 PM by Angel

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