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  1. AOC does not understand the economy or basic math

    AOC does not live in the reality of the real world.

    $3 billion in subsidies


    $27 billion over 25 years

    The math says New York City would have gained $24 billion with Amazon arriving.

    Amazon said its HQ2 would create 25,000 jobs directly, and as many as 15,000 indirectly. The average pay for an Amazon New York City employee was going to be over $100,000. Even the janitors were likely to be well paid; Im reliably told
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  2. Is one groups life story any more important than another by virtue of race, ethnicity, ancestry.

    Is the story of every person or group potentially just as important as any other? I just watched a panel of two black men and one white man debate whether a story about a teenage white boy was as important as the story of a teenage black boy.
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  3. Arizona State Devil No. 1

    Book ban-asu-devil-no-1-jpg

    Historical Timeline of Concrete

    9000 BC
    Gobekli Tepe terrazzo floors (enclosure B layer III) and rectangular buildings of layer II. Mesolithic to Neolithic type of concrete in Anatolia (western Asia), constructed of burnt lime and clay, with aggregate.
    6500 BC
    Nabataean geopolymer type of Stone age concrete in Syria, permanent heating ...

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  4. Best Super Bowl Ad 24

    This is not AD 24 silly. Dilly Dilly not uploaded.

    LORD God Almighty's Super Bowl ad Pulled by NFL

    HM Queen Elizabeth II had NFL pull Our AD 24 (refund $5.5 million)!fo...istory.ancient
    SHE'S A ****ING **** HOLE ! ! ! ! ! ! !!forum/sci.archaeology

    The Longest Pit ...

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  5. Trump Predictions (Jan 2019)

    This is a personal blog post to keep track for myself (and publicly) to keep track of the predictions that I am very very sure of to see just how accurate or off base my thinking is regarding the Trump/Russia investigation. There seem to be some incredibly obvious things that are going to happen and I don't think it's required for me to start a thread or to pepper in my predictions on various threads. This seems easier and still allows people to tell me I'm crazy, and allows me the opportunity to ...
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