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  1. Your Own Eyes or Official Sources?

    Who is this?

    Follow up: Ditka Says He Won't Run for U.S. Senate-pull-my-finger-albums-blog-entries-picture67116347-mystery-1-jpg

    Follow up: Ditka Says He Won't Run for U.S. Senate-pull-my-finger-albums-blog-entries-picture67116348-mystery-2-jpg

    Follow up: Ditka Says He Won't Run for U.S. Senate-pull-my-finger-albums-blog-entries-picture67116349-mystery-3-jpg

    Follow up: Ditka Says He Won't Run for U.S. Senate-pull-my-finger-albums-blog-entries-picture67116350-mystery-4-jpg

    1990 film – ‘King of New York’, starring Christopher Walken.

    She’s not listed in the credits, has a small part, I don’t think she even speaks a line in the entire film before she’s killed by the other bad guys. Do a Google search and you will find that

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    Semi-Munchkin Land
  2. Funny Thing About the Truth...

    … it can make you feel special, cuddled up to you under the covers on a lazy morning, warm and cozy, secure in each other, proud, never betraying, always there. Then it rips off its mask, ruthlessly points out everything you hate about yourself, knows things you swore you never told it, relentless, cruel, terrifying, insane, tearing you apart until you’re a quivering, sobbing, violated mess…

    You may be horrified, but it still feels warm and cozy, secure, never betraying, always there. ...
    Semi-Munchkin Land
  3. Kanuckistanleycup

    I barely caught the game. I had it on mute, preoccupied. I mostly gauged by the neighbors’ cheers and passing horns. I didn’t see any tv news of the riot, but then happened upon this clip.

    Footage Vancouver Riot 2011 (7:25)

    So? Just another example of the cognitive defect I’ve hinted at before. I’m as glad to live amongst them as you are to live amongst yours. We still have intellectual crowds up here. I’m only un-amused, slightly embarrassed as a Vancouverite, a ...

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    Semi-Munchkin Land
  4. PMF in the Nude...

    It’s almost like therapy to explode all over you, give you all I’ve got about me, mostly anonymously… Posting it to the world is like hurling my message in a bottle out to sea… Does anyone out there here me? What is this need to be understood, to be ‘gotten’? But not touched…

    I feel like I’m wasting time when I engage in small talk. I might ramble around a subject, but I like things bottom-lined, the root causes, summed up, no frills. I’m not satisfied with vague, or ‘politician’ ...

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  5. 'Pet Peeves' - Cute Grievances You Can't Touch

    I really only have one ‘pet peeve’, but it shows up everywhere. It’s people who don’t ****ing think. Can you imagine my torment? It drives me bat **** crazy sometimes. And yes, as I get older, it’s getting worse. I’m probably going to be a perfect prick of an old man if I make it that far. It’s making me a bitter if not better person, thought I’d take you with me on my descent…

    Are You Re-tardy? Then I bitch about the chronically late. You Litter Bastards. Then I bitch about the weird ...

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    Munchkin Land , Semi-Munchkin Land
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