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A Conspiracy Theory With Official Western Backing Part One

With regards to the conspiracy theory that the Western leaderships , past and present , care about the ordinary Iraqi in the street , especially the children.Let's look at some facts that completely undermine the theory

During the Iran/Iraq war the US gave assistance to Hussein. It was during this period that he gassed the Kurds within his own borders. Many of the dead were children. Does that imply that the Western administrations at the time cared about the ordinary Iraqis ?
Then we had the , predominantly US led attack to oust Hussein from Kuwait. The bombing of major population centres and civilian infrastucture again left thousands of innocent Iraqis dead. Again many of them children.

At this time Bush 1 called on the Iraqi people to overthrow Hussein only to leave them to serve as covering fire for the withdrawal of coalition forces and the military , ,this is crucial , allowed Hussein to use of his helicopters. The very thing he would need to extinguish the uprising Bush had played a role in inspiring. The double betrayal would be compounded when the discovery of their mass graves would help to " justify " another slaughter of Iraqis 12 years later. Does this indicate that the Western administrations cared about the ordinary Iraqi ?

They imposed a no fly zone I hear you say. True , but during that period some/many ordinary Iraqis were killed by the very aircraft that were supposed to be there to protect them . And it was during this period that the sanctions claimed the lives of an estimated 1,000,000 people , 500,000 of them kids. As any nugget will know sanctions will never hurt those at the top and it did diddly squat to undermine Husseins grip on power. The two heads of the programme resigned in disgust with Halliday proclaiming that the sanctions amounted to " genocide " against the Iraqi people. Does all of this indicate a passionate regard for the ordinary people of Iraq ?

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