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Military top 20

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1 .China

2. Russia

3. UK

4. USA

5. India

6. Vietnam

7. Singapore

8. Iran

9. Canada

10. Turkey

11. Egypt

12. France

13. Pakistan

14. Brazil

15. Thailand

16. N.Korea

17. Switzerland

18. Argentina

19. Poland

20. Germany

Updated 03-26-18 at 09:54 AM by One (Bit change)

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  1. One's Avatar
    I change excastly place within ROK and China 6 and 1 places.
  2. One's Avatar
    S.Korea - > Singapore.
  3. One's Avatar
    Top 4 is greater than last visit.
  4. Pedestrian's Avatar
    Obviously not including the US Navy and its 10 large combat carrier groups (3-5 more coming depending on who you read) and their more than 2000 aircraft and the 9 America class small amphibious-type (45,000 ton) carriers each with 20 more F35s. Then I guess because we don't see them (nobody does) there are the dozens of US subs ALL nuke capable.

    The human population in war today, is either a spectator until clean up, or cannon fodder for you the enemy, to waste resources, munitions and time.

    Trust me blogroids, it will be very long time (a century) before China even if they finally attempted by force, to attain dominance over the world's oceans.

    Trump though, will probably let China have the south China seas. You know, the area surrounded by **** countries ?
  5. One's Avatar
    I change too countries from EU and unless its not capacities of U.S. forces final solution and they must go down with proffesional forces for my interests with the U.S. well.