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Beer and a Movie

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Settled down to 2 things I don't often do: Drink store bought beer and watch a rental.

The beer was a little better than the movie, but bother weren't bad. The beer was "Flying Fish Farmhouse Summer Ale". Clean, refreshing, coppery goodness with a hint of hops and that farmhouse saison tang. Very drinkable more as a blonde ale than a "saison" style beer. Traditionally farmhouse ales were Belgian or French and are fermented in the open - meaning in a barn, open to the air and not covered. Usually this is a no-no as bad little microbes gets access and could spoil the whole lot, but usually this method ads a kind of "funk" to the beer that makes it a "saison" style and very recognizable. Not spectacular, but a solid refreshing summer beer. Another Farmhouse to try: "Smuttynose Farmhouse Ale"

The move was "Youth in Revolt". It started out great - Michael Cera (Juno), Steve Buscemi and Fred Willard are in this movie about a weenie geek falling in love and breaking the law to prove his love. An off-beat coming of age movie about what else - boy finds girl, tries like heck to get laid - burns down building, destroys two cars and ultimately dresses up as a girl to wet his willie - while also inventing a "bad" version of himself that plays the guide to badness. I liked the writing, the smart dialogue. The ending I thought was under par but I won't blow it for ya. There are some very funny moments making it worth a view. Ultimately I finished the movie with only a slight bout of gas and this unsatisfying feeling which wasn't the beers fault.
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    Belgian beers tend to be a little on the sour side for me.


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