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What the X-Files Means to me:

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In this blog post, I'll talk about what the X-Files means to me and how it changed the country forever.

As it tries to create itís own multiverse where things like Squatching, little kids with old man faces, and po-co are things. The Trumpian alien and the evil Dr. They, in the Lost Art of Forehead Sweat warn us all that the show is ending. The show is not the same as it used to be. Itís ratings are sliding, and in the conspiracy theory, the truth has been found. It does not have the same effect as it once did on society. Even though, in my personal life I have gone from Fox Mulder and even briefly to Alex Jones to Dana Scully. The X-Files remains a special place in my heart and these days, I do not look at itís signature slogan the same way as othersÖ
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The One Where The X-Files Turns My Website into an X-File Ė
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