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Major Lambda

Holiday Season

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As Christmas nears, we celebrate the birth of Jesus. We all look back on history, for that one special day.........where life was eventually cut short ; to pay for others debts.

Life. Life is the one precious element that is not on any periodic table of elements. It is not guaranteed - nor is it immortal. Life at some point in time ends.

Celebrate this Christmas ; and think of life and all it has to offer - as well as the sacrifices made to get... where we as a society today, has gotten. Think of history, think of Jesus. Think of how history, and we as human beings has evolved. Think of the other people in this world......whom would like to take what we as free and civilized people - have worked so hard for.

Think of religion. Ponder life's beginning. Reflect on sacrifices.....and who made them.

One of the greatest and most humbling feelings for Americans ---- is the Holiday Spirit , and Patriotism on the Forth of July and Memorial Day.

But sometimes ---- Life's greatest elements is taken for granted.

Taken for granted. Abused. Tossed in the corner like a dirty rag. In some instances.......soon forgotten, like people and events in history.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we should all take life's givings seriously. We should look at our fellow Americans ; and with sincerity and hopefulness - share the holiday spirit. We should reflect on history - and be thankful for all the blessings that has been given to us ; and be utmost thankful for the love that has been bestowed upon us by our deities.

Without blessings......where would we be ?

Happy Holidays to all -----

Major Lambda
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    Merry Christmas