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  1. What Iíve learned so far about Hospice

    • People usually wait too long to take advantage of this wonderful service.
    • Their focus is totally and completely focused on comfort care.
    • A morphine side effect is to improve breathing.
    • They give you morphine and show you how to use it to do so. And how to use it for pain relief.
    • All comfort medications are free... those for comfort. They are delivered to your door same day.
    • You arenít supposed to go to the ER. Youíre free to go, of course, but the ride and treatment is on you.
    • You
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  2. I sent this PM to Tomís kids just now...

    (I just couldnít bear to call them.)

    To John, Sue, Jeff and Kat,

    About a month ago, I had a routine CAT scan making sure the immunotherapy I was taking continued to work. It was questionable. I had a more definitive PET scan last week and got the results yesterday. It clearly showed that the nodule had enlarged and that, as is always to be expected sooner or later, the immunotherapy had stopped working.

    My only option was to take more of the tough ...
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  3. The first day of the rest of my lifegrateful

    Well, I am finally at peace. Wonderful thing!

    Being a control freak, my philosophy has always been ďHope for the best. Plan for the worst.Ē Never a Pollyanna. Forever the realist. It has always worked for me and continues to work itís magic on this new dawn of day.

    My scan, as I fully expected, showed that my nodule had increased in size. That meant I had a decision to make. No more immunotherapy... it obviously stopped working. So either nothing or back to debilitating ...
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  4. My Animals...

    Tonight is very sad and stressful. Tomorrow, two cat wranglers are coming to hopefully gather up my three indoor strays to get them ready for whatís next. Whatís next is probably not good...

    Ive had a health crisis this past week that helped me realize I have to get ready for advance planning for them.

    When I can no longer care for them, my 11-year-old Teddy shepherd mix will go to live out his life with the woman at the animal rescue who fostered him for six months three ...
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  5. Latest Scan

    So I had my every three month scan Monday. Got the results yesterday. The way it works is that, if the lung nodule shows an increase in size, the immunosuppressant treatment stops. That leaves either nothing or back to extra-strength chemotherapy until THAT stops working.

    As an aside, they sure are getting close with these immunosuppressant drugs. Theyíve been working for me for four months. The chemo had STOPPED working, so this new therapy is sure moving in the right direction. ...
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