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I sent this PM to Tomís kids just now...

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(I just couldnít bear to call them.)

To John, Sue, Jeff and Kat,

About a month ago, I had a routine CAT scan making sure the immunotherapy I was taking continued to work. It was questionable. I had a more definitive PET scan last week and got the results yesterday. It clearly showed that the nodule had enlarged and that, as is always to be expected sooner or later, the immunotherapy had stopped working.

My only option was to take more of the tough chemotherapy or do nothing. I chose nothing.

Today, I enrolled in Alexian Brothersí hospice program. I still feel great, but my breathing has worsened rather quickly. I have a wonderful group of friends who will help me stay in my home as long as I can and then will transfer to hospice residency.

I still have the three kitties and Teddy. Iíll keep them as long as I can as they give me great comfort. Hopefully they will find new forever homes when I canít care for them any longer. A wonderful friend who is a long-time volunteer with Almost Home animal rescue will do her very best.

Iím very much at peace with whatís going on. Happy even, dare I say, if that makes any sense at all.

I was overly ambitious about Steve and Katís Christmas visit hoping all of us could get together. And maybe we can. Iíd love that.

I grew to love all of you and consider you family. Iím just at a loss for words as to what your friendship has meant to me over the years. I wish I was better at expressing myself to all of you, but...

If you all have time, would love to see you, as I said. But I also understand time constraints and busy lives. No worries.

Just know that I love you guys, adore your kids, and considered it a privilege to be a part of your lives.

Love, Maggie
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  1. Hawkeye10's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing, you are of course so wonderfully generous.
  2. Rogue Valley's Avatar
    My youngest sister went through a similar deal. I kinda know where you are presently.

  3. chuckiechan's Avatar
    I’m very sad to hear that.
    I will pray for you.
  4. rocket88's Avatar
    Get well Maggie. Or at least, don't put up With pain.
  5. grip's Avatar
    I love you MaggieD.
    Updated 11-25-17 at 07:09 PM by grip
  6. MaggieD's Avatar
    I love you right back, Grip. You took me on a profound spiritual journey last evening. I will be ETERNALLY grateful. God bless you.
  7. AlbqOwl's Avatar
    You are on my prayer list Maggie. Nobody knows what destiny holds for us. I just believe with all my heart that the age of miracles is not over and that the destiny of those who love God is not something to dread.


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