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So I had my every three month scan Monday. Got the results yesterday. The way it works is that, if the lung nodule shows an increase in size, the immunosuppressant treatment stops. That leaves either nothing or back to extra-strength chemotherapy until THAT stops working.

As an aside, they sure are getting close with these immunosuppressant drugs. Theyíve been working for me for four months. The chemo had STOPPED working, so this new therapy is sure moving in the right direction.

In some ways these immunosuppressant drugs turn up the volume on your own immunity system to recognize cancer cells as invaders and destroy them. There is no doubt in MY mind that this is where the cure will eventually lie. Right now, your immune system suddenly says, ďHey! WTF?! Youíve tricked me into attacking our own cells!!Ē And thatís when it stops working.

Well, anyway, my scan came back questionable. Inconclusive. It could be just inflammation next to the nodule. The radiologist canít be sure. The doc said all of my blood work is normal, the other lesions scattered around inside like weeds are the same size or smaller than previous scans. But..

So after much negotiation on my part, I agreed to get another scan in six weeks. He wanted to do an immediate PET scan. I refused. He wanted to do a bronchoscope. I said no. So then he said, okay, another CAT scan in a few weeks. I talked him into six. He said for sure whatever it was would become clear at that time.

So, Iím a happy camper. That gets me thru a Florida vacation, an Almost Home Foundation auction/dinner, and surprise birthday party for family, and lots of good times with friends and family. All without knowing definitively if Iím screwed or not. Hahahahaha!

Thanks for listening. This has been quite a remarkable journey. Thanks for being along for some of the ride.
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  1. haymarket's Avatar
    You must feel like a human pin cushion at this point Maggie. You know we wish you all the best and you will beat this.

    What part of Florida will you be visiting?
  2. TheGoverness's Avatar
    I know I'm late to the party here, but I'm glad you're doing okay Mags.
  3. CanadaJohn's Avatar
    Good morning Maggie - I'm glad the news wasn't worse even if it wasn't necessarily better. Looking on the optimistic side, in many such cases the status quo remains for a while before things start getting better so perhaps this is just a matter of the "captain" finally getting the "big ship" to stop plowing ahead before he can start turning it around and moving in the opposite direction.

    I still have every confidence that you have the strength of character and faith to beat this back. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and wish you all the best not just for this next fun filled 6 weeks but for a thousand more to come.


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