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My Opdiva treatments continue...

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My scans were all encouraging. The new drug is slowing things down, and treatment will continue. Since I have no side effects from this new immunotherapy drug and no symptoms of my cancer, that's very good news. Found out today.

Tom and I are getting along better than I might have expected. He's really trying and giving me no reason to be suspicious. But that doesn't mean I'm not. "Fool me once..." I've changed everything I'd planned to leave him except the house. So far, that will be his. Any more indiscretions, and that will change as quickly as I can throw him out the door. I trust I'll have that strength.

I'm back. When all of this happened, I was completely blind-sided, but my strength has returned, and I'm feeling pretty darned good. When I wake up with cobwebs early in the morning and begin focusing on poor me and what Tom did, I jump out of bed, get dressed and have some strong coffee. Sometimes that's at 6 am, but it works. The cobwebs clear, and I feel lucky to be alive.

My atty added a clause to my will called, if I remember right, an enterrorum clause, naming Tom. It says that if he contests the will, he will pay both sides of atty fees, reimburse the executor for time spent, and reimburse the other inheritors anything they might lose by his actions.

I executed a Land Trust Change of Beneficiary and left the original with my atty so that, even if I am very ill, I can "pull the trigger" so to speak to change the beneficiary on the house from Tom to my trust.

I must honestly say that Tom is trying. See, forgiving someone for such a grevious betrayal takes time. I don't have that, so I'm doing the best I can. I love him, but the trust is SO gone.

I will keep the tracker on the car. I have searched him looking for a burner phone...he used to call her when he walked the dog, so I barely trust him to do that. I'm comfortable he doesn't have one. I have access to his cell phone call log on line, but if he had a burner phone...

I am aware that I sound somewhat crazy, but I'm just doing the best I can. I've made arrangements that the dog and cats will be taken care of if Tom cant hold it together. It would make me sad to give them up, but . . .

Life. No matter how weird and difficult it is? It's better than the alternative.
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  1. CanadaJohn's Avatar
    All the best Maggie - I admire your strength, both of character and will - take care and here's hoping lots of happiness comes with new beginnings in Spring.
  2. SheWolf's Avatar
    I hope your scans went well. I hope you will feel like yourself soon.
  3. Risky Thicket's Avatar
    Mags, it's great news about the immunotherapy! You rock, girl. You are on your way back. Thanks for sharing that news with all of us. As you know many of us care how you are doing physically, emotionally and maritally.

    I won't share my opinion of Tom. I don't know him. But, I will say that you are wise to take the path you have chosen. Focus on Mags and for the time being everyone else can kiss your butt, including Jay Cutler. You fight your way back and let Jay and others find their own way. So far you are doing an awesome job. Much respect to you.

    Rock on, Mags.

  4. haymarket's Avatar
    That is such good news about the treatment Maggie. We all hope and pray the news gets only better for you.

    I want to argue with you in 2020 about the Trump reelection bid. Bastard that he is I know you will support him and I want to give you hell for it.

    So hold up your end and get better.
  5. Common Sense 1's Avatar
  6. joG's Avatar
    I didn't realize you have cats. That makes you even more sympathetic!
  7. MaggieD's Avatar
    Yep, got my first Cat Lady Starter Box about ten years ago. We have three now...along with our 12-year-old Shepherd mix rescue.
  8. joG's Avatar
    We have two cats that go along on walks with the dogs. One of them will go along to the restaurant and wait on the terrace, till we walk home. In the park behind the house my wife Lou feeds the half feral cats that live in the park behind the house.
  9. Trippy Trekker's Avatar
    What a nice update... full of real hope for your future! Keep doing the next right thing as best you can. Nobody fails who tries their best! May our Best Times Lie Ahead!
    BTW, my day usually begins with 6 a.m. CobWebs followed by magical Strong Coffee too.
  10. <alt>doxygen's Avatar
    Maggie, all of that is great to hear! Awesome that you are feeling well and the therapy is helping with no side effects. LIVE!

    I wasn't going to give you advice regarding the awful situation Tom created, but I will say I'm happy with your choices. That took a lot of character and strength of will. You rock, lady, you rock!
  11. Hawkeye10's Avatar
    I hope you feel as alive today as I do, or better.

    I bet that you are.

    Thinking of U.

  12. cpwill's Avatar

    A part of me that's been in mourning with you is heartened by the news that you are on the path up out of this particular valley. I'm so glad you have the ability to push past - that's a hard thing to do. I agree with you on time, and am impressed (awed, really) with your ability to consciously use what you have well.

  13. Black Dog's Avatar
    You don't sound crazy at all. I am so pleased you are feeling better! That is good news. I for one wish you well.
  14. MaggieD's Avatar
    God, I love you guys. Thank you for all of your encouragement and understanding.
  15. Rogue Valley's Avatar
    Maggie -- Good to hear that things are on the upswing! You keep on rockin' girl

    Best wishes always,
  16. reinoe's Avatar
    I'm really happy that your Opdiva treatments are going well. That's just fantastic news!
  17. Middleground's Avatar
    You're a tough broad, Mags -- one of your many endearing qualities. FWIW, I think you're doing everything right -- one day at a time, right?
  18. AlbqOwl's Avatar
    Pulling for you Maggie.


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