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Haven't been here for a while. Been busy. Moved up on the rungs on the corporate ladder. Only to realize, my ladder is unstable. My company is likely going to be bought out by Sam's, AKA, wallmart. At which point, I will have to once again prove myself over my lessors, and DEMAND that I remain within the chain architecture. Which is fine, I am head and shoulders above my contemporaries in this company.

But I ask you, debate politics....when do we the people begin to realize the magnitude of control that people like myself have over your lives? Yeah, we all like to blame "obama care", but the truth is, it is the company "executive" that has decided to play it safe with 25 hour work weeks for part timers, and it is company executives that have decreed the end of full time employment. I have now sat in on the very conference call wherein such has been a 6 billion dollar company. At what point do you abandon simple talking points and so called truisms to embrace the reality that, no matter how badly you want it to be so, it simply isn't so that most individuals are in control of their own destinies? That the rulers of this life we live are less concerned with the long term viability of the thing that they exist within, and more concerned with maximizing short term profitability in order to "get theirs" while the getting is good?

Do mind, that this blog comes to you from someone who now makes in the low six figures, who is fairly high up in a large company, who has a voice, albeit limited due to his contemporaries. I'm not some 10 dollar an hour burger flipper, I'm now a 120K per year BEFORE bonus executive of a major wholesale corporation.
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  1. DaveFagan's Avatar
    Bank it while you can. Even at your level and competence, fortune and outside influence can pop the bubble. The FED screwing around with the dollar may be your biggest threat. Sounds like you corp manufactures something and it is only viable if economically competitive. The USDollar's increase of 28% really damaged export Industries. China just allowed about an 8% devaluation of the Yuan and that could be the most significant fact impacting your future. Just a cautionary note. Good luck.
  2. Hawkeye10's Avatar
    Thus my claim that Trump is leading a revolution of the little people against the elite. And just to be clear, he has a lot of support from other elite like himself who understand that something has to change, and that managed change is going to be a lot better for the country and themselves than chaotic change, with rioting and all the rest.
  3. DifferentDrummr's Avatar
    This is (more or less) a free market, which leaves you, me, and the rest of us with only one choice: we have to demand the market rate for what our skills, experience, and talents are worth.

    If someone won't pay you that rate, you don't accept work from them. If your skills, experience, and talents don't pay you enough to live decently, you have to acquire some that will. You can't change any of this without revamping society from the ground up.


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