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Life Is One Big..

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While reading threads about Life and true reality something snaps in me and makes me wish that I could scream from a bullhorn at the top of my lungs to every human on the face of the Earth that life is simply a mindfuck. One Big Huge MindFuck!

None of us are "normal" and life is not this huge secret that we all wax poetic about. True love and Death will never be defined and neither will true good or evil. We are all just reaching for things we will never figure out and we would probably less stressed if we just accept all of this. And by "ALL" I mean lots and lots of words all rolled into one but my point tonight on this very night is that none of these things matter if you are not happy. Go out and play in the rain, go out and do things just because. There does not always have to be some cause and everyone should stop trying to be so damn serious all the time. Whatever happened to fun spontaneity and just going to do something just because. There is not reason other than just because.

While the world around us is full of serious issues it does not mean we must lose ourself to that kind of madness. I am logging off and gonna grab me some icecream out of my fridge to eat as I play in the rain
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  1. Wake's Avatar
    Minus my first thousand posts, would you read some of my latest posts? My perspective of existence may help you gain even more understanding.
  2. Councilman's Avatar
    Interesting point of view.

    I guess the best we can hope for is to be happy with ourselves in the end, and let the cards fall where they may.


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