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Special Interests and Selfish People

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Special interests are what makes politics personal to so many people and why folks get so upset over politics. What I love? People that have no kids that give a crap about children and education, people that do not smoke but give a crap about smokers rights, rich folks that care about their fellow POOR brothers and sisters. To make this world a better place? Instead of being selfish, greedy and only caring about yourself? You must be willing to eat some things that you may not like.

It is very easy to get by in this world when all you care about is yourself. It takes a really strong person to care about others and it takes an even stronger person to reach out and give of their heart to help those that are not doing as well as you are.

Success is not your job, how much you make, where you went on your last vacation or the steak you tossed on your grill last night. Success is knowing how to be humble and helping others simply to help. Not because you get a kick back or because it may impress someone to tell how much you donated to some Ivy Leauge School.

Real Success is only having $1 to your name and giving it to someone that you knew needed it more than you at that time. THAT and those kinds of things are REAL Success. I have been there and know what I speak of?

Have you? Sitting in your smug chair running your damn mouth and only helping people because you get a few kickbacks? That is not Success. That is a failure not only on a biz level but also on a human level.
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  1. liblady's Avatar
    well said.
  2. Henrin's Avatar
    Why would I eat something I don't like? Not going to happen honey.
  3. Kali's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Henrin
    Why would I eat something I don't like? Not going to happen honey.
    Honey? How very condescending of you. I think you best check yourself and not call me honey again.
    Updated 04-24-11 at 12:24 AM by Kali
  4. flackd's Avatar
    The honey person was one of those you were talking about I presume.I like the" best check yourself" though.Standing up is becoming rare,its just to bad we cant always see where were casting our pearls,thanks


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