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Why Play God?

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Why do humans wish to play godhead and always wanna change others? Can humans not control their own egos to point where they feel as if they should be able to dictate what folks do in their own personal life?

I wish for all humans to get over themselves and love each other. It seems like such a simple thing to do and yet some folks seem to lack the the ability to leave others alone and let them live their own lives.

What is so very hard about letting adults be adults and do their own thing? It is not hard at all. Do not let your own personal dogma overcloud your good sense.
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  1. SirPwn4lot's Avatar
    Firstly lets start off with some definitions. A hazard is the potential consequence brought through action or inaction. A risk is the chance that a hazard will occur.

    Religion places the hazard at infinite, but says little about the risk, thus leading people to conclude that they should avoid having to confront the hazard at all. This is how it functions. This is also the basic premise behind Pascal's Wager and many other theological arguments.

    When someone believes that their neighbor is going to be, for example (I don't mean to pick specifically on Christianity, but it's the cultural norm) burned in infinite agony for all eternity, depending on your denomination even if you're a good person, simply because you didn't believe without evidence in their God, it becomes extremely hard to let them continue in "ignorance". A genuine desire to help others discover truth is also a factor, possibly the primary one in more moderate circles.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Tashah's Avatar
    A casual visit to our Religion & Philosophy forum will reveal exactly who bludgeons whom.
  3. Patria Antiqua's Avatar
    We don't play.
  4. Kev316's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Patria Antiqua
    We don't play.
  5. b.larset's Avatar
    Add me Kali.
  6. LiberalAvenger's Avatar
    you are a sweet heart kali. I wish there were more people like you.


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