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  1. God never said........


    -God never said it was the government's responsibility to take care of the needs of the poor, sick, and homeless.
    -God never said it wasn't either.

    -God never said it was the government's responsibility to legislate morality.

    -God never said gay marriage is a sin
    -God never said anything at all about gay marriage

    -God has said many things that many people ignore
    Yet they will preach with false conviction things

    Updated 08-13-19 at 04:55 AM by Joel

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  2. The irrational things Conservatives think must be true about Liberals.

    Ideologically, I am a progressive liberal, it could even be truthfully said there is a better chance of the earth experiencing another extinction level cataclysmic event than there is for me to cast a vote for Trump or any other conservative Republican candidate in 2020.

    So, it kinda is my duty, as a confirmed liberal to bring you back to the place where believing what is true about people is something you still care about. I know it is hard to accept, but it sometimes happens that ...
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  3. Icing as a Symbol of Religious Hypocrisy.

    It is recorded in the gospels of the New Testament that Jesus made a practice of going to to the homes of the worst known sinners of His day, tax collectors, prostitutes, thieves, etc....

    He ate with them, He drank wine with them. He did so even though He knew full well their sins, and He knew full well everyone else in the community knew it as well.

    It is not recorded that Jesus said,

    "I am here, socializing with you, I know the wickedness of your ...
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