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Jack Hays

Let me introduce myself

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  1. Jack Hays's Avatar
    This is on the Oloololo Escarpment, the western wall of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya.
  2. polgara's Avatar
    I was just about to ask if that was Kenya! When was that, Jack?
  3. Jack Hays's Avatar
    January 2010.
  4. LaughAtTheWorld's Avatar
    Despite many (which would be an understatement) disagreements, it is still nonetheless a pleasure to see a pic of you. Very nice-looking and beautiful scenery.
  5. Thom Paine's Avatar
    Good seeing ya' Jack... The location brings to mind a picturesque scene in the movie "Out Of Africa" ....

    Have a terrific day Jack

    Thom Paine
  6. TeleKat's Avatar
    Beautiful scenery! Where is this?
  7. Jack Hays's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TeleKat
    Beautiful scenery! Where is this?
    Oloololo Escarpment -- west wall of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. Mara Triangle is in the background.
  8. shrubnose's Avatar
    That shade tree looks like a nice place for a break.

    Anyone who's 63-years old deserves one once in a while, eh?

    I like your hat.
    Updated 07-24-14 at 09:30 PM by shrubnose
  9. Jack Hays's Avatar
    I was only 59 at the time. And proper headgear is important.
  10. Sunsettommy's Avatar
    Only 59 then, you did better than I have as I am 59 now.

    Keep kicking the can down the road!


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