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The Pandemic Revolution Has Begun.

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Don't fool yourselves, this current civil and social division is not just over a disease. We've faced worse and fared better. It's over the same things that have always caused the fallen and historic collapse of civilizations and empires. Internal strife, corruption, greed, power struggles, opposing idealism, degradation of morals and values, destruction of the middle-class, and totalitarian overreach.

We've got a President who wants to do everything he can to help the corporate elite with tax cuts, stimulus relief funds that are mostly for the rich investor class, reopen the economy at the cost of workers and seniors lives, and cut social programs for special interests, lobbyists, and boost defense contractors profits. He's all for corporations at the expense of the middle-class and working poor. Walls to keep out the undesirable hard workers. Trade deals that favor Corporate America at the retail cost of average buyers. It's a global conspiracy for the elite to enslave and squeeze the people with decades of stagnating low wages and rising costs of living.

Well, the masses have had enough and COVID-19 was the catalyst to say, NO MORE. To finally stop the income disparity and lopsided capitalism. Trillionaire govt's, tech companies, banks, oil & energy companies, and other mega-wealthy intl corporations, it's time to stop hoarding the stolen money you leveraged from us over the years and share the wealth. Stop destroying our environment for your profiteering and lies. Spend and do whatever it takes to save our planet's precious resources. Give us some of our own money back or face losing it all, you heartless, unforgiving robbers.

Because your wealth will not insulate you for long from a destroyed ecosystem, society and collapsing civilization. We have less and less to lose, you have everything. Your power, your control, your ease of life, your financial security, your moral righteousness, your posh living, your celebrity, your notoriety, your pompous ego's, etc. We fear death from disease, you fear loss of your obscene profits. We choose life, you choose money, let's see who blinks first?
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  1. Crunchtime's Avatar
    Degradation of morals and values? You seem to be equating morals and values with economics. Oh, yes, and the ecosystem. Are those just indicators or are your morals and values defined in the same way as the persons you accuse?


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