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Personal log: Star Date 04.06.2011 Subject Thank you Field Of Dreams

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After watching one the greatest movies (again) Field of Dreams I have done something that I have never thought I would. After 5 years of expelling my Father out of my life ( not going into the reasons why, but let's just say he wasn't a good father after the divorce) I have open the lines of communication between us. I hope this is the first step in patching up our relationship. In the spirit of the movie He and I will be seeing each other after 5 years out a Ball game ( which is one of the few found memories I have of him). When I go on leave in the July Time Frame. Here is to the Movie Field of Dreams and the chance to see if I can reestablish that Father/Son bound that I haven't had in such a long time.
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  1. What if...?'s Avatar
    Good for you man. Sometimes loved ones we turn away from pass on before the divide is resolved.

    Several of my friends found this out the hard way.

    Hope it works out great for you!


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