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My eye surgery, in a blog

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Tomorrow morning I'm having a detached retina repaired. It's my right eye, so if you suddenly see me praise Nancy effing Pelosi, it's because I'm all left eye for now, or the pain meds, or both.

This all started 3 months ago with a small tear and it has progressively worsened to the point that I need emergency surgery if I want to retain vision in my right eye. The past couple of months have been interesting. I go from total vision in my right eye but it seems like I'm looking through stained glass to a near 100% blockage where I can't see anything, and then back to psychedelic vision 2020 (but far from 20/20). My peripheral vision is currently gone, which makes it weird when someone comes up to me on my right side and I don't notice them until I turn my head or they move forward into my line of sight. Driving has been, let's just say, an adventure. I tend to do better when I close my right eye and turn my head to the right in order to see as much to my right as my left (say that 10 times real fast - but with your right eye closed).

So I'll return to share the progress and how my vision hopefully returns after the surgery. If I haven't already mentioned how absolutely giddy I am to spend the next 4 days in a massage chair with my face planted in a downward direction, it's because, well, it's because Epstein didn't kill himself.
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  1. OldFatGuy's Avatar
    Hope it all goes smoothly for you, with the least possible amount of pain, suffering and embarrassment. At least you won't have to be standing and walking around with one of those gowns that leave your rear end hanging out in the wilderness.
  2. Logician Man's Avatar
    Good Luck Red. Hope all goes well, and your recovery is quick, complete, and successful.
  3. trixare4kids's Avatar
    Wishing you well, and I will pray for your healing.
    My son had a detached retina from playing Rugby in college. He successfully had it reattached and some twenty years later hasn't had any degeneration or worsening of his eyesight.

    Good luck tomorrow...
    I know you don't need to be out there with all this coronavirus crud going on, but sometimes we have to do what we have to do.
    I had a gallstone in a bile duct removed yesterday at the hospital. My doctor is trying to postpone a needed gallbladder extraction which would require an over night stay, but my gallbladder seems to be talking back. I hope I can hold off, but enough about me. I mention all this because I totally empathize with you.

    Good luck tomorrow, Red.
  4. RedAkston's Avatar
    So I woke up way too early to be driven to the surgery center in the dark. They've completed check-in and my eyes are dilating. Some woman is upset that the coffee machine is disabled due to some virus named after a Mexican beer that got it's big break in China (do we want to live in a world where free coffee does not exist?).

    Totally random thoughts:

    The sun is almost up but its it's overcast currently.

    Why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?

    How do so many people not understand the difference between their, they're, there and that Epstein didn't kill himself?

    The death of Grumpy Cat makes the world a darker place.

    More later...
  5. WillyPete's Avatar
    Best of luck!

    They seem to have eyes pretty well figured out these days. My dad had a similar procedure recently, and apart from the first few days of discomfort and the endless eye drops, it went very well.

    Hope they give you the good stuff! Maybe you'll see some big ***** mermaids doing some of that lesbian ****!
  6. bubbabgone's Avatar
    Ask for the good stuff.
    If you play this right there's a first place in the America's Funniest Home Video weekly award in your future.
  7. Elvira's Avatar
    Hoping you have a successful surgery and a speedy recovery!
  8. RedAkston's Avatar
    Pain, it sucks, but it's also temporary. I'm 4 hours post surgery and the numbness has completely worn off. I'll be popping Ibuprofen like candy it appears. I have a follow-up appointment way too early again tomorrow, but will know more as to if this is going to be a success or not. Sleeping (or an attempt to) is going to be interesting. I can't see myself sleeping for 5-6 hours at a time. I'm betting that the next week or so will be a series of short lived naps as I have to keep my head down and use what is essentially a massage chair.

    More to come...
  9. Risky Thicket's Avatar
    Quick recovery to you, Red. Why did they wait when they knew you had a retinal tear? I has a retinal tear several years ago and they sent me to a whatever you call and an eyeball surgeon. He used a laser to repair the tear. It was a couple of days before I was back to my same old used to be. After that it has been just fine.

    I hope you'll be done with it all soon.
  10. Risky Thicket's Avatar
    Vision issue humor to make you feel better.

    One night in Vietnam we were set up at a choke point expecting NVA to wade through high elephant grass across a shallow bay. We were all quiet and waiting. Sometime in the early morning hours, we saw a faint glint reflect out in the elephant grass.

    I don't remember why but the lieutenant was over near my position. He whispered to two guys to slip through the darkness and into the elephant grass to check. It was pitch dark.

    One of the guys, named Rayfus, told the lieutenant he couldn't do it. The LT in an incredulous whisper said, "What? You can't do it? Why the f*ck not?"

    Rayfus: Something's wrong with my eyes, sir.

    LT: Something's wrong with your eyes? What the f*ck? What's wrong with your eyes that you can't move out into that grass?"

    Rayfus: I can't see doing it.

    Everyone nearby brokeout in raucous laughter and hoots. Rayfus lost his stripes that night.

    I hope that gave you a chuckle, brother. You're going to be fine.
  11. calamity's Avatar
    I have noticed your eye kind of wandering lately.

    Get well soon, Red.
  12. vesper's Avatar
    Red did they make you stay awake like they do when they remove cataracts? Because that sucks. At that point you are praying that this doctor cutting on your eye got a good nights sleep and wasn't out partying the night before. No doubt you will have eye drops to put into your eye. Hope you are a straight shooter. After cataract surgery I had two bottles of eye drops to use and was a lousy shot. Hope you everything comes out for the good.
  13. Excon's Avatar
    Hope all is fine.
  14. Lovebug's Avatar
    Permission to call you out if you praise Nancy. Good luck and speedy recovery.
  15. Rogue Valley's Avatar
    I can empathize. Had both eyes operated on as a youngster.

    Wishing you a speedy and total recovery Red.
  16. Serenity's Avatar

    Thinking of you Red. Hoping for a speedy recovery. xx
  17. Old 'N Chill's Avatar
    Hoping your pain subsides soon, and you have a successful surgery and full recovery. Please take care.
  18. Pippi Longstock's Avatar
    Hoping everything turns out great. Take good care.
  19. RedAkston's Avatar
    So there is very little pain, now just more of a discomfort. With the gas bubble, my vision in my eye is interesting to say the least. Had an appointment yesterday and so far so good, but there's still a long way to go. I'll know more in another couple of weeks.


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