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A tale of Ecofarm

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As we all know, ecofarm came into existence in the 3rd planetary alignment of the the Milky Way Galaxy. The comet transporting Ecofarm all the way from the Andromeda Galaxy soon descended to Earth, where it broke up in the upper atmosphere. From the crumbling rock, ice and dirt, a small basket, with a green balloon attached to slow it's descent, made it's way down to Earth. As it landed in Kingston, USA, the basket was greeted by a hear of Elephants. (Don't ask me how a herd of Elephants got into Kingston, just-just shut up, okay?) From birth, Ecofarm had an innate love for ecology, which he quickly learned all he could.

After moving to Miami, Ecofarm took up crime fighting, becoming known as the Green Farmer (Kick-ass name, eh?). After traveling across the world, earning degrees in ecology-related fields, fighting crime, rescuing Chelsea Clinton from a group of confused Bulgarians, Ecofarm then moved to Keyna. From there, he became a simple farmer. But every now and then, duty would call, and he'd take up his old cape and charge out into the night, to fight crime once more.

That's all I could think up in five minutes.
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  1. ecofarm's Avatar
    DebatePolitics is now my favorite website ever.
  2. Jredbaron96's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ecofarm
    DebatePolitics is now my favorite website ever.
    I aim to please.
  3. DDD's Avatar
    Well I disagree.

    I am here to testify and tell everyone that as a matter of fact Exofarm is not a crime fighter but a criminal himself! We were in fact involved in a crime spree in Pasch's circus just recently.


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