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2012 Daytona 500

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The wife and I were given tickets for the race, she has never been and this is a good one to see this year with Danica Patrick and the tandem baning !
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  1. Disputatious71's Avatar
    Got back home about 4pm after sitting in the rain for a few hours. Race will be tomorrow at noon maybe we can move over to the area near the Start/Finish line since a lot of people we talked to will not be able to change their plans and must leave tomorrow missing the race.
  2. Disputatious71's Avatar
    Looks like rain all throughout the day here in Daytona Beach area, doubtful the race will take place today or that the wife and I will try to watch it in the rain.
  3. Dirt Racer's Avatar
    Looks like they are going to try to start the race at 8:00 tonight. Good Luck and stay dry!
  4. Disputatious71's Avatar
    We left right after the Montoya BBQ and fell asleep watching the rest of it on TV. It was not until the next morning that we found out who won and when they finished the race, what a LONG weekend !!!


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