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This is the best way to sum up how I feel today. I am dismal. Obama's re election really disturbs me. A man who's leadership lead to the largest expansion of food stamps and entitlements in our history was rewarded for failure. I believe in personal responsibility and America doesn't. They believe in getting more from their government then they put in. That is really ugly. Pat Buchanan made a statement a few weeks back about this being the last chance for the Republicans. I agree. The Republicans are lead by seniors that will die off, and the growth is in Latino's that are bought by Democrats. Ultimately I believing in "prepping" for the worst and will be taking that super seriously now. I can't imagine the world will enable us to print money and get away with it forever. I don't know when the world will force that game to stop, but when it does (probably after Obama) you can bet I wouldn't want to be any where near a US City.
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  1. ETG's Avatar
    As we learned yesterday, half of the American people just want free stuff and for the government to take care of them. There is no way to change that. But even though Mitt Romney lost the race he didn't give up as the Republicans' last hope. He started a spark that is going to start getting younger, newer republicans into campaigns and elections. The former presidents like Bush and his father and Reagan were really good to some extent but to change the nation it will take younger minds in the Conservative area. Mitt Romney may have lost the election but he has started a chain reaction that will really help the nation in the near future.
  2. hiswoman's Avatar
    I'm keeping my hope alive with up and comers like George P. Bush (My Way News - 'Next Bush' makes campaign filing in Texas). Hopefully he and others like him (including one of our moderators here, TheGirlNextDoor ( will help reignite the uniquely American values that have made our country great among people of all ages and backgrounds (George P. Bush is involved in the Republican Party outreach to college students and the Hispanic Republicans of Texas).

    At first after the election, I felt the same way as you, CalGun, but I do believe that once a situation gets to a point where things simply can't continue on as they are, the pendulum begins to swing back the other direction. I also remind myself that, as TheGirlNextDoor stated down in the Basement, after four years, this BS will be over, and though we will not escape unscathed, that which doesn't kill us will strengthen us.

    Also, as long as there are people out there who cherish these values (and this close election proved that there are plenty of us still around), the American Dream will continue to survive.
  3. belyay's Avatar
    It's hard to consider Obama a competent president. I'm not going to make the arguement that he's "inherited" all his problems but it still helps to take a look at the 2002 and 2008 farm bills which made greater the food stamp program.