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Happy with my new girlfriend

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I have been with my girlfriend for almost a year! We are close to our 1-year anniversary.

It has been going great. We have been really connecting and there seems to be real chemistry. The pivotal point of the relationship is when she told me one of her darkest secrets, that she had sex with her brother as a teen. That really rattled me, but it was in her past. It was really brave of her to even tell me that. I was shocked and thankful at the same time.

Relationships are about honesty, so I hope that we can grow stronger!
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  1. americanwoman's Avatar
    I hope you honestly told her you shared her darkest secret online. It might make your bond even stronger.
  2. gulfman's Avatar
    It would be cool if you and her and her brother had a threesome.Just for old time sake and family bonding.
  3. Top Cat's Avatar
    Let me guess. Her name is Palmela Handerson?


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