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Why I am not wearing a face mask

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I find wearing a facemask emasculating. The majority of face masks are considered women's clothing accessories. As a man, I have no desire to wear women's clothing. It is embarrassing and associates with something I am not.

Imagine if the government decided to mandate men to wear hijabs. No way.

There is no way I am wearing a face mask under any circumstance.
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  1. ecofarm's Avatar
    doth protest too much.
  2. Fiddytree's Avatar
    I thought part of masculinity was, you know, not giving a damn about appearances?
  3. Peter King's Avatar
    So doctors wearing a mask are emasculated? Fire fighters too? How about Lucha wrestlers? Also emasculated? Bane is an emasculated monster? Or how about Darth Vader, Michael Myers, bikers, soldiers, swat team members, etc.etc. who are rocking their masks.

    And even you cannot complain about these masks, they are totally not emasculating, quite the opposite.

    or this one

    or this one

    Emasculating my behind.

    Personally I would also be OK with

    Or a mask from Ozzy, Slayer, Metallica, Motorhead, Venom, Harley Davidson, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, etc. etc. etc. etc.

    You are only emasculated if you end up in an intensive care unit too weak to have sex for the next few months/year or so because your lungs are so effed up you need long term care.


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