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I wore a Chick-fil-A hat someone threw a cup of coffee at me.

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I wore a Chick-fil-A hat today. It was raining heavily and I didn't want to carry an umbrella. I entered a coffee shop and some rabid lunatic decided it would have been a good idea to throw a cup of coffee at me.

Ironically, he shouted that I am "intolerant" and ran off before the cops could arrive.

We live a very tribal society where the hat you wear can dictate if you are going to be assaulted or not.
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  1. Tom Horn's Avatar
    Thatís nothing. When arriving at the office yesterday, it was pointed out that one of the mandatory crayons was slipping out of my nose. Why do those people feel the need to be so mean spirited?
  2. Risky Thicket's Avatar
    Hanging out in a coffee shop bathroom with a Chick-fil-A hat on is a good way to find something other than coffee in your face. You knew that, kinkster.


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