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  1. AOC does not understand the economy or basic math

    AOC does not live in the reality of the real world.

    $3 billion in subsidies


    $27 billion over 25 years

    The math says New York City would have gained $24 billion with Amazon arriving.

    Amazon said its HQ2 would create 25,000 jobs directly, and as many as 15,000 indirectly. The average pay for an Amazon New York City employee was going to be over $100,000. Even the janitors were likely to be well paid; Im reliably told
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  2. I do not have any white friends

    I have lived my entire life avoiding making friends with people that are white. As someone that is not white, I try to establish relationships with people that relate to me. I have no problem working with white people or doing business with them however I avoid having any personal relationship with them.

    Am I racist? Again, all my interactions with white people are cordial however I have made a choice to not befriend them. I just dont relate to them on a personal level.

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  3. The Genius of Trump

    His ability to sell:

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  4. I wore a Chick-fil-A hat someone threw a cup of coffee at me.

    I wore a Chick-fil-A hat today. It was raining heavily and I didn't want to carry an umbrella. I entered a coffee shop and some rabid lunatic decided it would have been a good idea to throw a cup of coffee at me.

    Ironically, he shouted that I am "intolerant" and ran off before the cops could arrive.

    We live a very tribal society where the hat you wear can dictate if you are going to be assaulted or not.
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  5. Mollie Tibbetts: A life taken away from someone that shouldn't be here.

    My heart grieves for the loss of a beautiful beautiful life in Mollie Tibbetts. A tragic ending that should have never ended. A crime committed by an illegal immigrant who shouldn't have been here, to begin with.

    Why was Cristhian Bahena Rivera here? Why are we still asking the same question?

    Let's get real for a second. The majority of illegal immigrants do not commit crimes, but there are some very bad illegal immigrants here that do some very bad stuff. It doesn't matter ...

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