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No Prayer November

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For others November is "No Shave November," the month in which you do not shave for an entire month. It's generally associated with fundraising for men's health issues like prostate cancer. Unfortunately I'm not much of a fan of facial hair, nor am I very much willing to give to cancer charities as opposed to charities associated with underfunded diseases. Furthermore it seems to be a rather "laid back" campaign whereby you don't DO much outside of letting your facial hair grow.

So in the past two day, for some odd reason, this has been made analogous in my head to prayer. I don't know if it's something that I saw on reddit or a news site, or what the heck it was, but it's the contrast of DOING something vs NOT DOING something. Making actual improvements in your life, as opposed to doing something that's silly. Whatever. It sounds catchy. Thus this month I've decided to DO something to help improve my life, my mental and physical health, by setting several goals in November. I've created them not to be pie-in-the-sky hopes, but things that I can actually accomplish if I don't let myself slack. During the middle of the month, and at the end of the month, I'll post a comment update of how successful I was at accomplishing them.

1) Hit the gym 14 times this month.
2) No alcohol Sunday - Thursday. Including Thanksgiving.
3) Floss daily. (As I am terrible at this.)
4) 720 minutes of language learning.

Here's to November.
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  1. Mr. Invisible's Avatar
    Good luck man! Hope your plans all go well.
  2. Jesse Booth's Avatar
    I celebrate No Shave November by trading my razor in for a lighter. I have come to affectionately refer to this time of the year as "Burnsgiving".
  3. DifferentDrummr's Avatar
    We "don't do much??" Come on. The point of the whole thing (aside from having a little fun) is to raise money. And we do.


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