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The (D)ick Party - YES, WE CAN!

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Party Leader: Bob Dick

Is it possible that they really don't understand why John Kerry lost?-dickforcongress-jpg

My name is Bob Dick, I am a Resident of The US, just like you.

I believe the main duty of every single person in the United States of America is to serve for their nation, whether it be in the the army or following the law and paying your taxes, it is essentially the same thing, because you are helping your nation, despite what group you are apart of.

I am not a tremendous business visionary running an expansive enterprise and I don't own several organizations (except my massive tech company), instead I am an American citizen who has worked for my wage (til i started my massive company lol) and am currently reinvesting what I can into my nation.

Unlike others I am not looking for a position to pick up power or a status, I am looking for a position to represent the people!
To achieve a decent society we need a perfect environment for all individuals.
Including a solid domain, youth welfare, and flexibility of belief without dread of System oppression or persecution.

Party Platform: A fair economy: build the economy from the middle out, stimulate economic activity, and maintain a strong social safety net.
Government oversight: civilian empowerment, anti-corruption, transparency, and public investigation into state agencies.
Social justice: equal treatment under the law, keep the government out of your personal life decisions.
Firearms control: the DP would aim for a system that empowers ordinary law-abiding citizens to own and purchase a firearm for protection, without excessive red tape from law enforcement.
Drug policy: The war on drugs has not been a success. Extremely prohibitive policies merely provide criminals a market to operate in. Future changes will occur.

The Spectrum

The Dick Party is a mix of center-right ideologies with a basis of Democracy and Conservative Socialism, we are mostly defectors from the Democratic party due to our beliefs. In order to show a simplified or easy to understanding of where the DP is winged, we will provide easy written definitions.

Economic Standing
There are many types of Socialism, and many route towards "cooperative ownership" and community based/regulated production. The Dick Party, again isn't a far-left or "typical" form of Socialism, as they do advocate for private ownership, and free enterprise but in productive means. The term Supply and Demand is a term that helps express our economic platform, and it refers to "the amount of a commodity, product, or service available and the desire of buyers for it, considered as factors regulating its price". Simplified meaning of what we, the Dick Pary support would be "Private ownership, and free enterprise but directed towards the needs of public consumers (i.e a demand for agricultural supply or raw materials)", however there are modern needs for humans in order to maintain a proper population would be helped by being funded, given funds or provided be by the Government (healthcare, sanctuaries or religious institutions)
Government support, unemployment insurance/welfare, yes/no. The DP wishes to provide financial support, for individuals who are victims of false employment termination, unable to legally obtain a job (medical disorder or permanent injury) or are unable to financially support their family and children. No man or woman should ever be destitute and can be eligible for assistance until they are able to find a source of income via family or work.

Social Net & Crime
The modern society we are apart of is influenced negatively by "crime culture" and urban trends. We do not and will not impose restrictions against any trending influences (music & arts, brands, ect) , we are concerned about the crimes that happen because of the smallest things that go on. Wealth, age, brand recognition and other influences that are associated with street crime and gangs are some of the most scariest, common crimes happening every day and it is affecting our youth, elderly and every other class of citizen we house in our great nation. We care deeply for victims of all crime and hopingly we want to attempt to sympathize with the broken or unstable individuals who are driven to commit crimes so we can provide them with the rehabilitation they need and we do not want them to become repeat offenders and wish to provide them with the rehabilitation they need. Youths are also a majority of the people who are raised in areas burdened with crime or are addicted to hoodlum life style, and we hope to establish the Dick Youth Program (WYP), a free program that will teach kids life skills and offer a comfortable a place to enjoy instead of hanging around the streets. The Dick Party, when elected wishes to provide programs for individuals who are willing to admit to their legal wrong doings a chance to be given alternate punishments and sepaunder consent of the Court System another chance to start over.

The Dick Party holds a strong passion for democracy as it is what The United States was built upon, many morals and values that help influence people to stay on the right track, and do what is best. We believe in positive mentality, old morals that help people live a productive and happy life style.
Examples of positive quotes:

"Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results" - Willie Nelson

"Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one" -Hans Selye

"Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power" - William James

"When you think positive, good things happen" - Matt Kemp

We favor old American Tradition, where the provider for their family can work for their honest day's pay and come home to enjoy dinner with their family, and relax. The American Dream may be hard to accomplish, but if we as a whole can help improve society, lower crime rate and create new jobs, people will be able to resort to doing legal work and feel proud of it!

Dick Administration plan (2024)

General summary pledges that will be established once elected:
- Improve social society
- Community Events
- Publically Addressed Issues
- Improve Emergency Medical Services
- Fix taxes, based on class of wealth.
- Welfare for poverty stricken citizens.
- Raise the social standards of today.
- Improve foreign affairs

More in part 2.
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  1. BobDick's Avatar

    It is our expect to handle the evergrowing housing crisis America is confronted with. Measurably, the worker , an example being a commercial Truck Driver earns between $21-$34 every hour. The normal cost of a residence in the region in both U.S. coasts is between $50,000-$150,000. There is definitely no budgetary sponsorship from banks, as home loan credits.
    These figures suggest that the worker alone needs to work twenty six days relentless, with no breaks keeping in mind the end goal to manage the cost of a home, thinking about if the laborer has no everyday costs, for example, gas, electric, medical care, auto insurance, and obviously cash for basic groceries. Individuals experiencing childhood in The United States of America are being brought up in houses too little, and rents are taking up increasingly of an occupant's wage. We value saying that we will handle this issue head on and make homes more reasonable for the meriting people.
    We are committed to the construction of new properties over the nation, concentrating mostly on the low-spending zones, of which as of now have the most astounding number of destitute residents over the state. The development of the new properties will create a large number of new employments and thusly businesses of traders and greatly improve local economies.


    The Dick campaign shall be devoted to genuine focus on the condition of business and the industries that provide it inside the U.S.. We realize the issues of crime, violence, and the strain on social administrations can't be tended to without additionally tending to the condition of work inside North America compared with other communities in different countries, the opportunities available are essentially not what they ought to be for the thriving of the general population.
    The Dick campaign intends to work with both private and open organizations to facilitate the difficulities in working inside the U.S. and additionally give motivating forces to organizations to give sufficient business. We expect to do a full monetary audit and execute vital projects to address the deficets in different financial divisions of government. Just by empowering the development of a wide assortment of business and industry will a full scope of chance be accessible to the subjects of our nation.
    Employment that can give a safe and significant presence should not be an extravagance or irregularity. The path forward to a more beneficial, quiet, and genial nation is by guaranteeing that each subject has an opportunity to excel and apply their abilities and gifts to productive closures.

    The Family Farm

    As the foundation of any society, we recognize the supreme importance of a healthy farming community. Accordingly, we demand protection of the family farm by eliminating speculation in land and commodities, and by assuring a stable market and fair prices for the farmer, as well as the consumer.
    We believe that farming is more than a mere economic proposition, that in fact it represents a way of life vital to the community as a whole, and that its real value lies not only in producing food, but in providing social,
    and environmental stability while serving as a constant source of spiritual renewal for man in close rapport with nature. Hence, we believe that a farmer's land and the fruits of his labor must remain inviolate and above commercial speculation and exploitation, just as the economic viability of the family farm must be re-established so that significantly larger numbers of our people can once again find a good life upon the land.

    Energy And Environment
    It is our goal that the nation be totally self-sufficient in energy, and that the types of energy it employs be non-polluting. Towards these ends, we demand a phasing out of all forms of energy which befoul the environment, such as coal, petroleum, and nuclear fission. To replace them, we demand an immediate and massive program to develop new, CLEAN energy sources.

    We believe that all citizens deserve to live in a healthy environment, with clean air, clean water, and clean land. We also believe that the responsible energy needs of our people must be met. At the same time, we do not believe that the environment should be sacrificed for quick profit, cheap economic growth, or an extravagant, materialistic lifestyle, only projects that will be beneficial to all citizens will be honored. We believe in honoring, not despoiling Nature. We firmly believe that with the wonderful resources of the North American continent at its disposal, people genius is fully capable of developing those sources of energy we need - from the sun, the earth, the wind, and the water - without disturbing the natural order.

    Reaching out to and connecting with the community is a important and vital part of any nation or town. The people who live in their nation must not feel as if they're just robots paying taxes and following the law but should be given the chance to attend public/community gatherings where they can enjoy themselves or discuss concerns they have with fellow members of their community. Fellow citizens are important to me but should also be important to you, because without them there is no social order or system we abide by, such as the one this nation was formed by.

    I plan to dedicate and invest my time and fullest effort into aiding this community, and will stop at nothing to make sure that we see a glorious future.

    Fighting The Crime

    We strive to make our nation one of the safest. In order to combat crime we must crack down on supervision of areas patrolled the least to help detect and deter crime, as well as implement new forces or programs to aid this effort. Crime does not always occur openly and can goes undetected quite frequently. To put an end to any class of crime, as well as white collar crime we must call for more active usage of our constabularies spread through the district. Despite attempts to combat crime, it is only sending officers to their death, day after day. We require a system that will help improve the way crime is tackled as well as the ability to protect officers who do their job. Crime has purged many areas, and it is due to prejudism, financial failure our neglect. Under DP leadership, no part of the nation shall ever lack and plans to revitalize run down areas will also be put in place.

    Donation Account: 9926 1291 7156 1238
  2. BobDick's Avatar

    Citizens should unite in support of Robert Dick's decision to run for Congress. His decisions will affect the future of your family, your financial stability and your living conditions. Do not let snot-nosed traitors rip you off, at home, or abroad, vote DICK for Congress.
  3. Rexedgar's Avatar
    Take a cheque?
  4. BobDick's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rexedgar
    Take a cheque?
    Yes sure
  5. Hawkeye10's Avatar
    Too much Victim Culture and too much "Resources (read money) grows on much as we want!" to go the distance.

    Look into Zen Socialism.
  6. Moot's Avatar
    I like your enthusiasm and with a platform like yours, I think you would make a good mayor.


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